What do you do when your brain gets tired?

You go dancing, of course! Teagan IM’d and told me about a dance party, with a contest for best blackbeachwear. I really don’t HAVE beachwear, but I had the new cheekyshorts to go with the cherry shirt, so i figured what the hell, let’s go dance.

I swear, I wasn’t doing the robot there.


SO much fun with this line of shirts…

I have news!! First off… the new LaynieWear shop is open! I’m SO loving this new location. So cute, so charming… so SLURLless… Yes. I’ll have to get that and put it here. Some days, I swear!

News the next! The Valentine’s Day shirts are up, in-world and on SLX and SLB. I’ve also got some cute geeky shirts up as well… here are some shots!








Life? She is good…

I’m sad because the grid is down. BOOOO! But I had enough time to snap some shots of the new Valentine’s Day shirts I’ve done, and for a quick sneak peek of the new LaynieWear shop!

“What’s this about a new shop,” you ask? Well… when I started the shop, I had something in mind. Elegant, kind of quirky. The sort of shop you could find if you were wandering downtown, tucked away in the artsy section of town. I couldn’t find a building like that, and I couldn’t afford rent anyplace that fit the bill, so I moved on, got a big modern building, etc.

Til yesterday. I was asked to move into a fantastic little shopping area that’s almost exactly what I pictured! (I’ll give a new landmark when it’s up and ready to go.) But for now, I’ve got a couple of pictures! Want to see the sneak preview? )

And the sneak peek of the new Valentine’s day stuff? Well, maybe one shot… 😉

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Rather odd, but hey, so am I!

Wooo, busy busy!!

Wow!! I finished the requested modified t-shirt for Sabrina Doolittle, who seemed appropriately pleased. So, I’ve got them all up in the shop, as well as on SLB and SLX. (Well, I will by tomorrow. *grin* A girl’s gotta sleep!) I also added the matching socks, so people won’t have to search for socks that might match. Oh, and did I mention both come in fatpacks? *grin*

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This has been so much fun. Don’t get me wrong, there was much cursing involved in converting the tee. But it came out so nicely that I just can’t complain. I also found that while it seemed like a very boring, very not-me kind of project, I found a way to put myself into it, little touches that say me… at least, to me. I learned about ads, too… and I think I like what I’ve got going here.

So… now, on to the fun projects. I’ve got some fun things in mind for Valentine’s day. No, don’t expect cutesy lingerie… you should know by now that really, that’s not my style. I’ll have more to post soon, I hope!

Evaluation copies

Several people have blogged about Sol Columbia of Luminosity’s review policy for evaluations. (Yes, I read the fashion blogs… I can’t get enough of them. Note to self: less time reading, more time creating!) So I’m stating here, as well as in SL, that if someone is interested in something for review, I’ll be glad to send it over. I would like to see where you review things (again, see note to self!).

In other news- thanks to Sabrina Doolittle‘s suggestion (and FANTASTIC review… thanks!), fatpacks are on the way! The v-neck fatpack is up already, with more to follow soon. Check it out!

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New items, and a review on Linden Lifestyles!

Well, this was a good way to start the day! Got up this morning to find that I had a fabulous writeup at Linden Lifestyles Fantastic!!!

Speaking of new things in the shop, I’ve got some new items up… socks and tees and stockings.

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