Life? She is good…

I’m sad because the grid is down. BOOOO! But I had enough time to snap some shots of the new Valentine’s Day shirts I’ve done, and for a quick sneak peek of the new LaynieWear shop!

“What’s this about a new shop,” you ask? Well… when I started the shop, I had something in mind. Elegant, kind of quirky. The sort of shop you could find if you were wandering downtown, tucked away in the artsy section of town. I couldn’t find a building like that, and I couldn’t afford rent anyplace that fit the bill, so I moved on, got a big modern building, etc.

Til yesterday. I was asked to move into a fantastic little shopping area that’s almost exactly what I pictured! (I’ll give a new landmark when it’s up and ready to go.) But for now, I’ve got a couple of pictures! Want to see the sneak preview? )

And the sneak peek of the new Valentine’s day stuff? Well, maybe one shot… 😉

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Rather odd, but hey, so am I!

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