I’m working… slowly…

Here’s a little taste of what’s coming up, once I can get it all together…

Faerie teaser


Freebie RealSkins… go get yours today!

My wrist is still making everything take F O R E V E R. Stupid wrist.

However, the folks at RealSkin have set up an Evian dispenser in the back of the store that’s giving out 6 free RealSkins- 3 male, 3 female. Go get yours while it’s up!

  The Evian dispenser at RealSkins

When it rains, it pours…

Not only is my wrist still giving me fits (I’m making an appt with my doctor to get it more thoroughly checked out), but we spent Friday AND Sunday in the ER. Friday my son had cellulitis in his nose, headed for an abscess. Sunday, we went back for his nose, and while we were there, I started passing a kidney stone.

This has not been a good month.  I have plans for Halloween items, but I can’t promise they’ll get made. Wish me luck…

Shoes that kill!

I know, I should be resting my wrist. It’s complaining loudly. But when I saw these shoes on Fashion World of SL, I couldn’t resist.

Ad shots can make something look so much better than it really is. But seriously? These are some great shoes. Digital Dragon Designs is having a BOGO sale, but these shoes are absolutely free!

Creepy fashion at its finest!Nom Nom, I’m gonna EAT you!The textures are amazing!

They really are well made, and the textures are sweet! Remember, this is only up til midnight, so go grab yours!

Things you can accomplish with one arm…

I managed to get all the Brees up on SLExchange and Onrez, including the fatpack.

 Bree fatpack

I’d written the blurb earlier, so all I had to do was copy and paste. Go left hand!!

Now, can someone come feed me some chicken soup? *glares at arm brace*

Sheesh. I suck.

I am the new owner of one of these:
right wrist brace

Have I mentioned I’m right handed? Yea. Don’t expect much in updates for a while. Man, this bites.

Hiya, people reading on Fashion Planet!

*waves hi* I’m Laynie, of LaynieWear. I do a mix of casual and semi-casual wear with a retro flair. (Wow. That rhymed. I feel like Dr. Seuss.) I’ve also got quite a few dollarbies at Freebie Jeebies, things I used to sell for full price but simply ran out of room! They’re not junk, they’re just my way of saying thanks for the love.

I guess now is a good time to tell you about the new Bree collection. Currently it’s only available at two locations, but I’m working on getting it up in all my shops. (They’re listed in my picks in my profile.)

Bree in MangoBree in BlueBree in Green

There’s also Lemon, Pink, Purple, and Ocean.

By the way? I *love* comments. 😀