Oh. My. Gosh.

Ok, I just got a notecard letting me know I was nominated in several categories for the Fashion Bloggers Awards. See, I couldn’t participate… I do retro clothes, I do casual wear, so I couldn’t NOT nominate myself, but I felt stupid nominating myself…

So I abstained. Didn’t do it at all. Then I find out that someone else nominated me, and honestly? I’m surprised you all couldn’t hear me squee from here! I was SO EXCITED!!! NOW I get what celebs mean when they say it’s an honor just to be nominated, because honestly?? It really, really is.

Ok, enough blathering, get to the fashion, Laynie! I’ve FINALLY managed to make SL work for long enough to get photos of my new bree set and get everything ready to set out. And in celebration of this nomination thing, I’m hosting a sale at my main store in One World (LaynieWear, One World (155, 90, 30)). Gonna take a bit to set up, but the regularly priced Bree sets will be L$275 for each color (which comes with all pieces on all layers, and quite a few looks in one set). For the sale? L$75.

Bree in Mango

I love you guys!!

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  1. […] Link writes on her blog about a new release she’s offering for L$75 instead of L$275. Get the full details from this post here . Her store’s located at One World (155, 90, […]

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