Rez Day Freebies!

Be sure to stop by the party tonight and get freebies… here’s what I’m offering.


There will be music, and dancing, and lots of fun! I hope to see you there…


Happy rez day to me…

Ok, so it actually passed while RL was kicking me in the ass. But I digress…

Teagan Blackthorne and I started playing SL around the same time, so we’re throwing a rez day party to celebrate! Guess who’s invited?

You are!

Rez Day Party announcement 

Ok… three new colors, and I’m stopping here.

I’m just posty mcposterpants this morning!


New Release – Emma

Ever have one of those moments where it all comes together? I had one of those tonight. This is the result…


It’s available at my shop in Pamran, or on SLExchange or Onrez. I’m thinking I need to do this in at least a couple of other colors… anyone thinking black? 😀

High-waisted skirt…

I’ve been feeling the urge to make a high-waisted skirt, so this morning I did. It comes in 4 colors for $75L each, or a fatpack for $225L.


Sometimes I wonder about my sanity…

Last night, I was invited to a vampire-themed party. I decided I wanted to push the envelope a bit, and ended up pole dancing like this…


Then today, I was fiddling around in Photoshop and made something I’ve worn entirely too often. It’ll be up as a freebie costume, as soon as I can box it up.


I’m telling you, I’m nuts.

Inventory control…

Ok, my inventory control leaves a bit to be desired. So last night, I sat down in my workshop and sorted through some 10k items. (Yea, not even halfway there, but I did narrow down some stuff!)

As a result, I found some cute outfits I didn’t even know I had! I snapped a couple of pics, and may do some more if I find cute stuff.


Inventory Control