Things you’ll probably only hear on Second Life…

my fingernails aren’t fitting, and my eyeballs are black. i’m relogging.

When I said black eyes, I meant BLACK EYES.

Then there’s the opposite…

And the joys of sculpties…



  1. Hello Laynie, had the same thing with black eyes one day, the only thing that me helped was in Client menu – Rebake Textures 🙂

    But maybe you already did and everything is fine 🙂


  2. I didn’t even think to rebake. I went into appearance mode and switched eyes. It fixed everything. Good to know there’s another way around it!

  3. Oh my’re hair is so lovely :)..could you tell me where you find it?

  4. Raspberry and Cow… *giggles at the name* Search for RaC, and you’ll find it. It really is amazing hair.. watch for a review on Savoir Hair soon!

  5. The second picture you look possessed but that is fab hair and sweater.

  6. Thanks Cher! Yea, the eyes are scary as hell! The hair is RaC (watch for a review soon) and the sweater? It’s coming to a LaynieWear near you soon!

  7. I get the black eyes thing all the time…it’s annoying. Though I see Liliana suggested a rebake – I’ve never tried that. I just change eyes and keep trying the black ones till they change back (usually a day, though lately longer). One of SL’s mysteries.

    The hair – I grinned when I saw it in the store because it was on my head..because of Savoir Hair. My SL fiancee saw it and nearly fell over, then promply insisted he buy it for me – me thinks that’s a popular one (someone asked me for the LM to it earlier today too) – you should be on commission for it 😉

  8. *giggles* That would be fantastic! But I’m just happy to share it, because I *LOVE* this hair!

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