Come celebrate at Pamran!

pamran.jpgIt’s Pamran‘s birthday, and we’re throwing a celebration! The island opened one year ago, and to celebrate, there’s a week-long hunt with gifts from LaynieWear, Style Your Destiny, and others! Can you find all the gifts?

There will be a party at the Popeye’s Club from Noon – 4 PM with a dumpster diving event. Come by, say hello, and have fun with us!

(Thanks, Teagan, for making this great image. You rock!)

Edit: I was wrong, Teagan didn’t make the image. So whoever did, thanks! 😀

Edit Part II: Thanks, Skinkie Winkler! Turns out she made the image. Yes, I’m a goober.



  1. You are a goober but we love you. 😛

  2. *giggles* Good thing! I can’t de-gooberfy myself!

  3. Goobers love goobers 😀 Welcome to the Goober-Club!


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