Update – i’m not dead!

Oh my! I just heard a rumor… apparently people are worried that I had a heart attack! I tend to avoid RL content here, but let me reassure everyone here. I’m fine. I had a rough bout, first with a kidney infection, and then with clostridium difficile. I spent about 2 weeks in the hospital, all told, and it wasn’t the most enjoyable 2 weeks, as I’m sure you can imagine. I became quite adept at what I termed IV ballet- the act of unplugging my IV pump and slipping and sliding across the hardwood floor at 3am to get to the bathroom.

So, I’ve lost about 10-15 pounds so far, because the lining of my lower GI tract is gone. It will grow back, however, and yesterday we had a breakthrough with medications. apparently, the vancomycin  to treat the c. diff was making me almost as sick as the initial illness. We’ve switced to flagyl, and all is becoming better in Laynieland.

I won’t be eating much for Christmas, but that’s ok. I should be home with my family, which is good enough for me! So thank you, everyone, for caring. I appreciate the well-wishes I’ve gotten. But I really am ok, and new releases are coming soon!

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  1. Very glad you’re going to be okay *hugs*

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