OMG, my stuff’s on the front page!

I went to the computer lab where my husband works and needed to install SL to tweak the new shop some.  When I loaded the main page, though, I almost peed… my wench top was right there on the front! SO EXCITING!!! I had to get a screengrab of it!



Laynie is a goober, redux.

I don’t know why, but I really enjoy taking pictures of my avatar looking like a doofus. I mean, I think my avatar is pretty, but sometimes it’s fun to be silly. While I was creating the sculpted prims costume, I saw this and had to snap the pic…


To make up for the silliness, I thought I’d composite 2 pics of me wearing one component of an outfit (the top from my red valentine’s dress) in two ways… one elegant, one… not so much. What do you think?


New stuff at LaynieWear – Lemon Island!

It’s been a very busy day! I put out two gowns for Valentine’s day 2008, and a cute “Unrezzed Sculpties” costume. It’s really just spheres, but don’t tell your friends… they’ll be waiting to see your awesome new clothes!


2008valentinepurple.jpg unrezzedsculptiesad.jpg

I couldn’t be biased…

Since I feel the need to represent both teams going to the Super Bowl, I put together a cheer uniform for the Patriots. Of course, just as I was putting the finishing touches on, Teagan popped on. So what did I do? Put them up for sale?

No. We had a photo shoot. I dunno… new poses, new cheerleader costumes, it was a necessity!



What happens when I’m tired?

Sometimes, when I’m rushing or very tired, I do stupid things. Stupid thing of the night?

Grid butt.


Can’t you just see my avatar looking at me like she wants to thump me in the head, then put on griddy stretch pants on me? Sheesh.

Hee!! Another Teagan request…

Teagan asked me for a Giants cheerleader costume. This is the result… it’ll be up later.


My workflow, or how I drive Teagan crazy!

Ok, I have no idea WHY I get off on these tangents, but I was thinking of the whole theft in SL thing, and how anyone digging through my Photobucket would be able to see that yes, I actually make my stuff. See, I tend to be insecure (Really!) so I end up taking a billion screengrabs throughout the process and send them to Teagan.

“Does this work? Are the lacings too fat? Maybe I should make the neckline lower… is this good, or what? HELP!”

I was working on a cheerleader’s costume last night, and I sent 3-4 screengrabs. I haven’t gotten to the skirt part! I swear, I’m such a goober.

So my question is, do any of you do the same thing? Or am I a freak? (And Teagan is such a saint, IMHO, for putting up with my bazillion “Help!” comments!)