Getting back into the groove…

Sometimes, I’m a bit slow. I had allowed my inventory to get… well, large. Very large, and very unorganized. Since December was such an unproductive time for me (still recovering from c. diff), I spent what little time I could trying to organize my inventory. I’m getting there… hair is more organized, clothes are more organized. Now I realize that hey, I need to go through my older LaynieWear styles and box them up with their textures and ads. that way, I’d still have them, but they wouldn’t be taking up a ton of space in my inventory.

Yea. Great plans. Just one more thing in the list of a  bazillion things to do. 😀

In the meantime, I’m currently getting my latest release up in my shops, and then on SLExchange and Onrez. I’ve only had these uploaded since December 6, it’s not like they’ve been sitting or anything. 😀


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