My workflow, or how I drive Teagan crazy!

Ok, I have no idea WHY I get off on these tangents, but I was thinking of the whole theft in SL thing, and how anyone digging through my Photobucket would be able to see that yes, I actually make my stuff. See, I tend to be insecure (Really!) so I end up taking a billion screengrabs throughout the process and send them to Teagan.

“Does this work? Are the lacings too fat? Maybe I should make the neckline lower… is this good, or what? HELP!”

I was working on a cheerleader’s costume last night, and I sent 3-4 screengrabs. I haven’t gotten to the skirt part! I swear, I’m such a goober.

So my question is, do any of you do the same thing? Or am I a freak? (And Teagan is such a saint, IMHO, for putting up with my bazillion “Help!” comments!)

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