I couldn’t be biased…

Since I feel the need to represent both teams going to the Super Bowl, I put together a cheer uniform for the Patriots. Of course, just as I was putting the finishing touches on, Teagan popped on. So what did I do? Put them up for sale?

No. We had a photo shoot. I dunno… new poses, new cheerleader costumes, it was a necessity!




  1. Has my husband kicked you butt yet for wearing that outfit? 😉

    Not sure if the pose is for sale or not but that is the Beatles Help! pose from AnimaH.

  2. LOL! I live in Boston but grew up in NY a Giants fan. Obviously, I will be rooting for Patriots!

  3. Teagan- he did! I told him it was either me or you… *grin*

    Gillian– *laughs*

  4. Go Giants!

  5. I’m from Tennessee so I could care less who wins. I just hope for a good show of a game.

  6. *grins* I’m not into sports, but I always wanted to be a cheerleader…

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