My thoughts on content theft.

I logged on today to find a flurry of activity- angry words, heartsick designers, stolen content. Skins are being stolen, ripped and recreated with the thieves using the original artists’ ads. It’s horrifying.

I haven’t been targeted specifically, but I am a content creator in Second Life. I, like you, love shopping, finding the perfect skin, the perfect hair. I love seeing what my fellow designers create. We’ve lost Emilia Redgrave, who closed up shop after being targeted by thieves. Minnu Palen has effectively stopped releasing new items until the Lindens address this issue. Popfuzz Bamboo has closed her SIM. How many more content creators will we lose before the Lindens back us on this?

Please consider this- Second Life is what it is because of the content creators, big and small, known and unknown. Together, we make Second Life vivid, exciting, beautiful… whatever it is, it is because of the content creators. If the content creators leave… what will we be left with?


I’ve created a skin and eyes to show what we’ll have if content creators leave. Join us in protesting content theft. The skin is available for free in my shop in Granymyr. It is copiable and transferrable… pass it along.



  1. You make the best prezzies.

  2. Thanks! I have a FashCon notice to get out, too…

  3. /me sighs

    Minnu will be back once she realizes she’s stopped making profit from not releasing a new skin and having demand.

    Emelia will be back next week, I’m sure.

    People who want to do something about this need to quit whining and start acting. Email the Lindens, creators need to be sending DCMA’s.

  4. There are plans. But I’m not whining, thank you. It’s time to stop throwing our hands in the air and make it known that we, the content creators, will no longer stand for this.

  5. Just made a post wearing your skin!

  6. Thank you. I’d love to get a group of designers together and all pose in the skin…

  7. If you know the skin is stolen, you can file a DMCA. But you better be 100% certain it is stolen before you file, it has consequences if you are wrong.

  8. I don’t think *I* can file a DMCA, since they aren’t my skins. But yes, I urge the designers targeted to do just that. For some shops, they were actually using the original ads from the original makers, complete with the original names of the skins!

  9. Laynie, whatever you do post to Fashion Consolidated, please repost it and any reaction here. Some of us aren’t members of that group. I’m a potential audience that refuses to easily be killed. 🙂
    Thanks and good luck!

  10. I’m heading on over to your store just as soon as I finish defragging my drives. Thanks for making this skin available for all who are sick and tired of these lamer haters ruining everyone’s experience in SL.

  11. I’m just someone who runs a 5l shop for newbies so they can look good too, and I was devestated to learn that possibly the skin from my starter kits might have been stolen. But I have no way of finding out since I backtracked via properties to the original person who was selling them full perm in THEIR shop. Which btw..took three or four teleports to finally get to the end of the line.

    In any case, one other way to fight this is to offer a small line of full perm items (yes, including those skins) for a high price (I paid ALOT for everything I offer and realize I very well may not make that back for many moons…my shop is not all that popular) for those of us who wish to not only pay the high price but then turn around and re-sale it to those who don’t have the kind of lindens to purchase the higher end items. This keeps you as creator, it also limits what is out there of yours via the re-salers and gets you paid for your hard work.

    I’m going to go out on a limb here and most likely create a ruckus but everyone wants to look great. I would have LOVED to have lindens to buy Starley’s skins way back when I was new. I would have loved to have those well made outfits way back then. Unfortunately, most of the clothes being re-sold are crap…so skins are being heavily attacked for thieving. I know this stuff is hard to make, extra programs are needed, time consuming and hard work. Because of that, an extremely high price tag is put on the top designers skins/clothes. Because of that high price tag and quality of work, the ease of stealing the textures, they are being targeted.

    Fight fire with fire and offer your own line full perm to be bought for resalers. OR you can even take it a step further and create your own 5L-10L line for those who want to look great and just don’t have the l’s to buy the stuff.

    Misty Harley

  12. Misty, I’m sure that someone who knows skins will be able to tell you if those skins are stolen. Unfortunately they probably are. It does make it difficult for people like you who had no idea when you purchased them that they were stolen.

    Honestly, with what Eloh Eliot has done there is NO reason that people can’t get quality skins for free, or cheap. There’s the AnotherFundraiser effort for another few days as well. There are many skins there for 50L each.

    You can pick up the Another Skins by Eloh in world for free. Or you can save the psd files, and upload them yourself to give away and/or sell for whatever price you wish. I would much rather see these skins being resold for 5-10L because Eloh has freely given them, than seeing designers being ripped off.

    Thanks Laynie, for your contribution, and I’m up for a picture!

  13. Ernestine- it was mainly a playful notecard with a picture of my unrezzed sculptie costume, as well as a picture of the protest skin. I didn’t get a direct response, but the shop filled up right away. 😀

  14. Misty- Teagan and I have a ton of stuff in our shop for 10 lindens or less (over 200 items). Even my expensive items don’t generally run over 150.

  15. Yay, have to get that ‘rather go naked’ skin. .D

  16. I’m hoping I can get the skin designers to work with me on this… I need to dig through and get the designer names and send them a notecard outlining my idea.

  17. Sadly enough…newbies do not know about Eloh Eliiot (I promote her skins with the shapes I use, if I knew how to work those downloads, I would get them in-world of which I know will learn) However, do you think just a handful “top designers” with low cost items is enough to make a difference? There are tons of horribly made free to 5l things out there which are mixed with the few rare gems of good items. I just honestly think that if more designers offered a select line of their own items at the 5-10l or even 20l range….people would much rather shop direct then from a re-seller. Or offer re-sellers the full perm’s. I paid alot for those skins and did my best to follow the link trail back to make sure I was getting original (at the time, I did not know about this “ripping” thing) and am more then willing to bite all that money and get a “definite” skin from a designer that has their name listed as creator.

    In other words, I don’t think it should be up to just Eloh Eliot to offer her fantastic wears to those who cannot afford the better ones. She can’t fight it alone and there have been numerous witch hunts against people selling her non-mod skins, even though that is fully acceptable by Eloh’s standards. Makes a person leary to offer them up but the ease of one stop shopping as a newbie is a wonderful thing.

    Anyway, The marketing plan could be genius with information handed out at the welcome area’s showing all the top designers who offer less expensive skins, clothes, shoes, hair, etc along with their regular line. And not just a one layer shirt or a half-done skin either. That would defeat the purpose, since one of the goals should be repeat buyers.

  18. Misty, come look through my blog under the skin tag and you will find legit skins that are free or $1L.

    Eloh’s release had nothing to do with the skin theft but a personal belief which you can find on her blog. Her release was an independent action taking a month prior to any of this mess going on right now.

    The designers works long and hard on their skins. I would have to say 90% of the free skins that the designers give out match the quality you will find in their stores so what you are asking is already going on. You just need to look.

  19. Sweety put the word in portuguese too
    translation: Eu prefiro andar nu do que usar skins roubadas

    unfortunately and for my complete shame these thieves are from my country…and some people don´t understand english…a lot brazilian people don´t know what is happen and buy skins from thieves >.< arghhhhhhhhh
    But please I would like to tell you that there are good and honest people and a lot of my friend are upset with this fact…this is not good for our image
    I don´t have words to express my shame….so sorry …I will try to help how I can …
    I bought my skins only in stores as CS, D-Skin and when I get a freebie only indicate in serious sites….

  20. Kyra- I don’t believe that all Brazillians are bad, or that all of any group are bad. There are thieves in every culture. Believe me, I’m not blaming all Brazillians for the acts of a few. 😀

  21. As someone who follows content theft and copyright issues very closely and helps with a lot of cases, I’m surprised and very heartened to see the community organization and cooperation on this issue in SL. I do not play SL but it is a very powerful thing for someone like me to see this kind of call to action being answered.

    My hat is off to you guys and I will help all of you any way that I can.

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