Skin Designers- work with me?

I have an idea. I’d like to put together a blog with examples of skin designers’ skins, so people have a consolidated place to check out and see if skins are legit. I’d love to get review copies (make them transfer, I can give them back after I photo them) to photograph. It won’t fix things, but we can put this together along with a list of ways to check if skin shops are legit (and ways that DON’T work). It’s one more way to fight back.

Are you with me? 😀


  1. That’s what I suggested in Fashion Emergency channel, too. 🙂 That’s the way to go. Thanks you are starting it.


  2. Thanks. I’m not rich, I’m not powerful, but I have time. 😀

  3. Great Idea!

    I have a group called Fashion Hawks – what we do is gather information about reported “resellers” or possible content thieves. No harassment, or confrontation. If there was a place that people could go just to compare that would be awesome. It would help us delineate what is and what isn’t “stolen” – I would love to see this come to fruition.

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