The SL Skin Vault

Ok, I’ve gone ahead and made a blog called the SL Skin Vault. I’m in the process of writing up what I need from you skin designers… please, help me out here. I’d like to make it searchable by designer name, with photos of skin front and back, as well as key points to look at (like Minnu’s lips, etc). What would you like to see out of this?

I’ll also be writing up a brief list of what I’d want submitted. Be sure and make your skins transferrable, and I can return them to you once I’ve photo’d them.

So, what would you like to see here? How can we make this a resource worth using?


  1. Laynie! Cousin 😛 I think the skin vault is a great idea, but it’s important not to put the power back into the hands of thieves trying to make a quick buck by turning it into an open image database, perhaps watermarking/stamping the pictures with a “skin vault” text pattern would be a good idea. I dunno, I just think if I made skins it would make me feel better that the textures on your blog can’t be uploaded into SL and used for vendors.

  2. Hee! Yea, that’s a very good point.

  3. Laynie– otherwise a suberb idea! Keep you updated on mine….

  4. From the sound of it, she’s going to be taking pictures of the skin on an avatar, not the flattened skin texture that is uploaded to make the skin. If that’s the case, while a watermark is not a bad idea, the database she’s proposing won’t be of pictures that could be uploaded to make skins… not without the same kind of work necessary to make a photo-sourced skin, anyway.

  5. Exactly. I’m still trying to figure out the viability of the whole thing. It seems… more daunting than I thought. I’m not sure what I’m planning …

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