SLCP, or the most amazing software I own…

Yes, that’s right. Firefox is smexxy, but doesn’t make me happy like SLCP. Photoshop is a big pile of hotness, but SLCP rocks my socks.

You see, I’m making an 1860s day dress for a friend. It’s got this sweet neck ruffle that’s making my whole day (yes, I handpainted it… craziness!), and pretty little dropped shoulders. Wait… what? Dropped shoulders?? What have I gotten myself into!!

Well, SLCP has come to my rescue. I’m so damn finicky about seams, seriously. They have to match, HAVE to.  So, I have just saved about 100 versions of the day dress, with little red tick marks to see where seams line up. Woops, nope, that one didn’t work… save again, reload… closer, but not quite…

I’ve finally got the seams marked. Everything after this is just pure happy painting. But I could do it so easily because SLCP is so freaking amazing. Seriously. If you make clothes, you need this.  Once you have it, you get to make smexxy screengrabs like this:




  1. Can you please let me know what SLCP stands for? I just tried the Photoshop trial and my membership has expired. I’d like to make a desicion about which programs to purchase, THANKS!

  2. Second Life Clothing Previewer. It’s free! You can use it with jpgs or tgas, and it’s freaking amazing. Seriously. 😀

  3. oh woow this is seriously coolio tny Laynie :DDD

  4. You’re welcome! I figured it’s good to pass information along! Believe me, I’d be LOST without it! I’m half tempted to do a step-by-step of SLCP snaps of an outfit from sketch to finish.

  5. Dead link…….. 😦

    Appears to no longer be available for download.

  6. new link….worked for me!!

  7. Fantastic, thanks SunShine!

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