From steampunk to rufflebuttz…

Some days, my mind works in odd ways.

Ok, most days. But that’s  irrelevant. Seriously, go with me on this.

So, I was working on a dress for Daisyblue Hefferman, and when I was putting the top and glitch pants together, I realized that they looked like nothing more than footie pjs, without the feet. I was suddenly overcome with the desire to create something fun, yet practical…

And thus were Rufflebuttz created. I worked late into the night, into the morning, and finally settled in with my rufflybutt.

Rufflybuttz are good.




  1. rufflebuttz keep you warm when u needa go potty ❤ my buttz!

  2. It’s true!! The ruffles help keep your butt heat in!

    …. or something! I read it on the interwebz!

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