I wanted to thank everyone who’s been so helpful with the hunt, the laptop fund, and just being friends. (You know who you are… and if you don’t? Yea. I’m talking to you!) It’s been crazy the last week, so I’m taking a day or two off before hopefully kicking off a big new project. Keep your fingers crossed for me… you’ll hear about it soon if it happens!

In other news, my avatar has decided she wanted gauged ears. She’s such a needy brat! But I gave in, and this is the result


Not bad, hmm? Now I want to make designs for the plugs… because again, my av is a needy bitch.


Woo! The hunt is on!!!

You know, I think it’s clear that I don’t have enough going on in my life. To remedy this, I said to Teagan this week… “Hey, we should do an Easter hunt!”

A few days later, it’s all come together- a multi-SIM hunt with items from LaynieWear, SYD, Opium, Total Betty, Earthstones, Philotic Energy, and more… I KNOW I’m forgetting someone, but my brain is so fried. So, instead of words, here are a few of the items you can find in my eggs!



(I have more pics, but wordpress is being a pain in the butt. Sorry. =/)




Teagan and I at the RFL Clothing Fair, and a new release!

Teagan and I go to the RFL Clothing Fair, and a new release!

In case you’re wondering if I practice what I preach, I couldn’t resist snapping a few shots of Teagan and myself goofing off at the clothing fair. This one is my favorite…


Yea, we’re not goobers or anything!

Oh, and there’s a new release up in granymyr, with a limited number of items at 50% off… that’s right, HALF OFF! Stop by and grab one while they last!



Teagan and I have been busy… look what we’ve gotten up for sale in the last 24 hours!


So come shop, and do some good at the same time! 100% of the money from the RFL items goes to RFL, so you can help us help other people!

Working hard…

Teagan and I were working in the shop earlier, and I had to snap this pic. We look so busy!! *grin*


Surviving Lag 101

We all love events. Skin Fair, Clothing Fair, fashion shows… they’re amazing parts of the SL fashion industry.  The problem is that they’re so popular that they’re accompanied by a ton of lag. But you can do a lot to ease lag! Here are some basic things you can do to improve your computer’s performance and lessen the lag.

survivinglagredskin.jpg1. For the love of all things holy, take off your attachments! This means all of them- hair, shoes, prim clothing/weapons, and scripted items. Especially the scripted attachments. All of these things slow down SIM performance as well as your own computer’s performance. AOs, mystitool… all of these need to be removed.

I know, I know… you feel naked without your hair/shoes/mystitool. Trust me, so do I. But in all honestly, people aren’t going to the event to look at you. They’re going for the same reasons you are- to scope out goodies. Personally, I often take the time to make a fashion statement look absolutely silly (see my Skin Fair post).

2. Change your browser settings.  There are two sets of settings you can change that will improve your computer’s performance, cutting down on lag.


Under Edit -> Preferences, click the Graphics button. This will bring up the above menu. Set your draw distance lower than normal- the lower the better. This means your computer is dealing with fewer images, and can work faster.

Then click the “Graphics Details” tab. Set your sliders all the way down.  Yes, things are going to look ugly. But they’ll load faster, which is the goal.  For the record, images will still load normally, so you won’t get a skewed view of what you’re buying.

3. There’s something else you can do that will help, but it’s a little more advanced. First, press Control-Alt-D to bring up the advanced menu options. Then select Rendering ->Types. A drop-down menu will show up.


I usually turnoff everything except volume (which is necessary- it’s prims!) and sky (turns off the daylight, makes everything look really funky). If you turn off character, things will show up much faster, but you won’t be able to walk around. I flip between them.

Hopefully, this will help you get through events. However, one more thing- if it’s an event like the RFL Clothing Fair, remember that people are going to rush to get there the first couple of days, then not go back. It will be up for a week, so give it a few days before you go. There will be fewer people, and your experience will be much more pleasant.


Happy Shopping!

What I Saw On My Second Life Fieldtrip, by Laynie Link

What I Saw On My Second Life Fieldtrip, by Laynie Link

Tonight, instead of accomplishing the work I set out to do, I was invited on a fieldtrip with several friends. For some reason, we thought it would be fun to set out in a group and go to a sex place. Clearly, this post will not be safe for work, so I’m sticking it behind a cut.

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