New release and half price sale!

I knew I forgot something. I finished the new steampunk outfit Shelby (which goes deliciously with Philotic Energy’s hair of the same name), got it up at the shop, released a handful of half price copies…

… and forgot to blog it. So, before I get stupid and take down the half price copies, head over to the main shop in Granymyr and pick one up!




  1. Hello Laynie. I bought the green and red versions and I love the way the skirts move. However I find all the layers confusing and wish you would provide more extensive explanation of how to use the layers and what the initials like (US) actually mean.
    I made up an outfit of the green but then had poblems recreating it with the red version when it arrived. Aaargh! Love your stuff though. ArbellaXx

  2. Yea, this was a test to see how well the layer options go over. Apparently? Not so well. 🙂

    In brief-
    (J) Jacket Layer – will be on top, always
    (S) Shirt Layer
    (US) Undershirt Layer
    (P) Pants Layer
    (UP) Underpants Layer

    So, think about what you want to wear. If you only want what’s in the picture, throw on the jacket, pants, and either the system overskirt and prim underskirt OR the system overskirt and underskirt combined.

    However, if you want only the vest, or the vest over another top you own, try the jacket layer vest over another top. You can wear a different top with the skirt top… it just gives you options to play with.

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