New couture makeups…

Due to the urging of other people (looks at aems) I did more skins. This set is a bit more couture, a bit more avant garde. Let’s be honest, it’s strange and silly and fun and… all those things makeup can be in RL, but is a bit harder to pull off in SL because of the price tag. These are priced just like my other skins… $175, with a big demo box for 1 linden. I’m including shots of the makeups because I can. 😀

makeups1.jpg makeups2.jpg



  1. Oohh… Fun!!! I can’t wait till you get them up on *hint hint*


  2. Hee, that’ll have to wait til tomorrow. But yea, they’re coming! Along with another skin tone that I’ve been working on this evening… not that I’m OCD or anything. 😀

  3. i love bein blamed for good stuffs =P ❤ em!!

  4. Sheesh, you think I’d blame you for something bad? HELL no! 😀

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