Passing through the skin fair…

I can’t help it. Gather some of my favorite skin designers in one spot, and I’ve got to go. But everyone knows that attachments and scripts add to lag. So, I try to be conscientious and strip down for my fellow fashionistas. But who said you have to be boring when you do that? I decided to be silly and make a red skin for things like this.

Not a normal skin, with shading and bits and all that. No, it’s just RED. I strip off all my clothes and attachments, throw on the red skin, and duckwalk my way through the fair.

Imagine my amusement when I ran into Elka Lehane, and she had similar thoughts! I had to snap a pic for the blog as we chatted. (Yes, I asked if I could… she said sure!) It’s so me…



  1. ZOMG! that is hilarious.. I love you both ❤

  2. Hee! You can’t take yourself too seriously, you know? I’m tempted to make a series of stupid lagbuster skins that say things like “TAKE OFF YOUR MYSTITOOL” and “PRIM HAIR CAUSES LAG.” 😀

    And smiley faces. Those skins would need LOTS of smiley faces.

  3. So you and Elka are going to pass these skins around, right? As a public service??? I´m just askin´…… 🙂 NightieNines

  4. LOL I did the same…erm…kind of. I put elka’s halloween costume on (like what she’s wearing on the pic, just in natural (harhar)). Being vain I attached hair (without the bang!) and shoes (low prim flats!)…but the sim wasn’t that full anyway and I didn’t “feel” any lag.
    I like Laynie’s idea of a special reduce-lag-skin!

  5. ooooh yes.. please do so and i will join you to the next lagtastic event!!!! (which i generally just choose to avoid because of my crappy computer)

  6. lol I love it, I still have the red one you passed me by accident and I found out your little secret 🙂 its a fantastic idea, hugs

    oxoxo Sasy xoxo

  7. Wheee! That sounds like fun! Make a set of, say, 5 or 6 skins to choose from. 😀

  8. *giggles* Ok, ok, I’ll get some skins up! *laughs* We can flood the grid with doofuses! (Doofi? What is the plural of doofus?)

    (That skin is only 50L$ in my Nakama location, FYIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII) hehehehe

    Man I didn’t know you posted that yet Lainie, FUNNAY GAL YOU AH!
    It was fun meeting you there and chasing primblingtastic beeshes with our knife cutting comments!

    Mmh, a low lag set of weirdo skins to wear at fairs, you say? Interesting, I shall investigate my brain! :3 xx

  10. And crap, sue me for the typo in your name O.o (You did it to mine anyways so NEENER) LOL.

  11. Aww, damn, and I thought I got it right. What’d I mess up? I’m sorry! *hugs*

    Forgives me?

  12. /me *is in a giggling state* Very nice!

  13. […] I know, I know… you feel naked without your hair/shoes/mystitool. Trust me, so do I. But in all honestly, people aren’t going to the event to look at you. They’re going for the same reasons you are- to scope out goodies. Personally, I often take the time to make a fashion statement look absolutely silly (see my Skin Fair post). […]

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