Problems in Laynieland…

Guys, I hate to say it, but I may have to bow out of SL for a while. My laptop is dying a swift death. (I managed to crash 10+ times within an hour and a half.) Without the laptop, I can’t SL. *sighs*

So I thank you so much for your friendship, your patronage, and your support. I’m gonna keep plugging away while I can, but the way this machine’s behaving it’s not long for this world, and I just can’t replace it.


  1. nooooooo……*kicks hubby offa the decent machine*

  2. Nah, he’d get off the machine if I asked. The problem is my fibromyalgia… I just can’t sit at the desk. I end up making maybe 40 minutes before I’m literally in too much pain to deal with it anymore. The laptop works for me because I can change position, move, change locations.

  3. >=[ dammit

  4. Yea… talking to the husband to see what I can do…

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