What I Saw On My Second Life Fieldtrip, by Laynie Link

What I Saw On My Second Life Fieldtrip, by Laynie Link

Tonight, instead of accomplishing the work I set out to do, I was invited on a fieldtrip with several friends. For some reason, we thought it would be fun to set out in a group and go to a sex place. Clearly, this post will not be safe for work, so I’m sticking it behind a cut.

We all TPd in, taking a while, since the sim was full. But soon enough, we were all together, and walked through the door to find…

A butt slut. A prim pig. And a sex cow.

Oh, and a monkey.

Seriously. I have pics! Well, not of the butt slut or the pig. But I have pictures…


See the little monkey guy? He even had a banana!

Then I had to hop on the sex cow.  All the girls put on their cows and danced to cheer me on!


Soon, I hopped off and put on my cow, and we danced around the waiting sex cow.


One of the girls looked like she had a pokemon on her head. Like a marshmallow octopus.


And I saw an unrezzed dickgirl…


And a very large naked man with a very large wobblybit…


And his tattoos were very icky.


 And by the end of the night, marshmallowoctopus head was crashed on a beanbag chair.


And we gore googly boobies and giant blingy necklaces and got hit on by an assortment of guys. It was an educational evening. Oh, and someone accidentally fell in the “Crack Shack” and made the funniest typo EVAR”:

[0:43]  Typoer: I was cameraing my way out
[0:43]  Typoer: trying to find a safe spot to shit

She swears she meant “sit,” but I know better. 😉


  1. hahaha ❤

  2. Seriously, I haven’t laughed this hard in AGES!! We’ll have to do this again sometime!

  3. LOL… Can you believe what people find a turn on? /me shakes head

  4. OMG.. you got a pic of me on a cow in my green fairy with a guy’s shape! OMG..

  5. Notice I’m totally not naming names… 😉

  6. LMAO!:D

  7. O.O I think I know the tattoo guy!!!! No kidding!!!! But I´ve never seen him quite like… THAT…before.

  8. OMG, that’s too funny!

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