Surviving Lag 101

We all love events. Skin Fair, Clothing Fair, fashion shows… they’re amazing parts of the SL fashion industry.  The problem is that they’re so popular that they’re accompanied by a ton of lag. But you can do a lot to ease lag! Here are some basic things you can do to improve your computer’s performance and lessen the lag.

survivinglagredskin.jpg1. For the love of all things holy, take off your attachments! This means all of them- hair, shoes, prim clothing/weapons, and scripted items. Especially the scripted attachments. All of these things slow down SIM performance as well as your own computer’s performance. AOs, mystitool… all of these need to be removed.

I know, I know… you feel naked without your hair/shoes/mystitool. Trust me, so do I. But in all honestly, people aren’t going to the event to look at you. They’re going for the same reasons you are- to scope out goodies. Personally, I often take the time to make a fashion statement look absolutely silly (see my Skin Fair post).

2. Change your browser settings.  There are two sets of settings you can change that will improve your computer’s performance, cutting down on lag.


Under Edit -> Preferences, click the Graphics button. This will bring up the above menu. Set your draw distance lower than normal- the lower the better. This means your computer is dealing with fewer images, and can work faster.

Then click the “Graphics Details” tab. Set your sliders all the way down.  Yes, things are going to look ugly. But they’ll load faster, which is the goal.  For the record, images will still load normally, so you won’t get a skewed view of what you’re buying.

3. There’s something else you can do that will help, but it’s a little more advanced. First, press Control-Alt-D to bring up the advanced menu options. Then select Rendering ->Types. A drop-down menu will show up.


I usually turnoff everything except volume (which is necessary- it’s prims!) and sky (turns off the daylight, makes everything look really funky). If you turn off character, things will show up much faster, but you won’t be able to walk around. I flip between them.

Hopefully, this will help you get through events. However, one more thing- if it’s an event like the RFL Clothing Fair, remember that people are going to rush to get there the first couple of days, then not go back. It will be up for a week, so give it a few days before you go. There will be fewer people, and your experience will be much more pleasant.


Happy Shopping!


  1. Fantastic post – I just wish more people would actually do this. I did exactly this before I tp’ed to the clothing fair this morning (though, I’ll be honest: I left on two prims – a sculptie 1 prim hat, and my face light. Don’t kill me! O.o)

    If everyone would limit themselves to no more than 10 prims, I’m positive it would be a better experience for all.

    And turning off rendering – that was the best tip I’ve ever learned a few months ago. Comes in handy for many different uses! 😀

  2. Thanks! I’m sure a lot of people don’t realize that their prims affect other people. Believe it or not, scripted items are worse than primmy ones! Mystitool is awesome, but it really does add to lag when you get a ton of fashionistas in one spot!

  3. I went with a friend today… basically naked. We put on some Halloween skins that made us look like skeletons so we weren’t really showing anything naughty… but with 0 prims and 0 HUD attachments (don’t forget to yank those, too!), we really didn’t feel the lag at all. I’m on a fairly average cable connection and, I swear, she’s on a tight string pulled between two Dixie cups… she loses her link any time a bird happens to land on the strong… but we both didn’t have lag issues. We STILL had crash issues, though.. but I think we can blame SL for that. From time to time, SL stands for Seeya Later.


  4. […] you’ve seen that the RFL Clothing Fair is going on. If you haven’t? Go. Now! (But read this post on how to survive the lag, it seriously helps!) It’s a freebie-hunter’s paradise, and […]

  5. I aven’t made all the changes to my settings but I’m attachment free. And IT’s helping but omigosh!I see bling and rotating scripts over people’s heads and all kinds of things!

  6. I know!! I mean, I understand not wanting to go without your hair… trust me, of all people, I get that! But it’s one event, and it affects everyone!

  7. Thanks for these really useful tips. I’ll make sure I use them when I finish exploring tomorrow. I was fine today in Summer, then I walked into Spring and my hair and all attachments vanished and I hit lag HELL. 37 people in that sim, and it was like struggling through molasses. I should’ve just left everything off, but I felt so weird going bald that I scrabbled for my hair at the very least!

    Maybe we should appropriate the IP slogan for such events, changing it to: I’d rather go bare than cause lag there 😉

  8. […] Edited to add: Laynie Link has some very useful tips on surviving lag in places such as this, in her post: Surviving Lag 101. […]

  9. Just realized that my non human avatars are perfect for shopping for more than one reason now.. I have a “soul” I got from Kowloon city.. a freebie.. it seems to be a very lagless AV.. in this way, I do go without most of my accessories and prims. But I still like my scanner. 😀 thanks for the tips, now I know why it works.

  10. A broader acceptance of walking around “prim-/attachmentfree” in such enviroments would be absolutely eligible. I do have a feeling that some folks I’ve come across at the Fair carefully selected their highest lag causing outfit to go out, while only a really small percentage sticks to the hints.

    But speaking of that… would it be too much to ask to keep the deco on the fair ground fairly simple? It’s just an idea, but right now at the RFL fair, there are tons of trees and truly lovely looking, yet complex banners all around. Are those really needed in a place where the clothing should be the main attraction? 🙂

    But the guide is wonderful! Hope I can rely on some of these hints to make my everyday SL life loading faster. 😉

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  12. […] all the items listed at the Fair for Relay for Life. Don’t forget the lag saving tips noted here. Here are more specific instructions to go with the earlier […]

  13. […] all the items listed at the Fair for Relay for Life. Don’t forget the lag saving tips noted here. Here are more specific instructions to go with the earlier […]

  14. […] all the items listed at the Fair for Relay for Life. Don’t forget the lag saving tips noted here. Here are more specific instructions to go with the earlier […]

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