I wanted to thank everyone who’s been so helpful with the hunt, the laptop fund, and just being friends. (You know who you are… and if you don’t? Yea. I’m talking to you!) It’s been crazy the last week, so I’m taking a day or two off before hopefully kicking off a big new project. Keep your fingers crossed for me… you’ll hear about it soon if it happens!

In other news, my avatar has decided she wanted gauged ears. She’s such a needy brat! But I gave in, and this is the result


Not bad, hmm? Now I want to make designs for the plugs… because again, my av is a needy bitch.


  1. I love that Laynie! You should box that sucker up …that’s totally rad.

  2. Yea, but they’re a bitch to tint, you know?

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