About the hunt

OMG, guys, I am amazed at the amount of participants, and we haven’t even kicked off officially! But I’ve noticed some issues I’d like to address.

Slow Kiosks
Many people are finding that when they click on the landmarks kiosk, it’s taking forever to load. It’s SL. I’m trying to give out notecards at the HQ, but I won’t be there all day. If it doesn’t want to give you a notecard, be patient and give it a few minutes before clicking again.

Notecard Won’t Open
Some people are finding the notecard won’t open for them. I’ve tested this one with several friends, and it’s just SL’s database being screwy, as usual. I’m really sorry, and I wish I could fix it. Be patient, perhaps relog. It will open, I promise.

There are no sticks at this location!
People, come on, this is a HUNT! =P

Seriously, you do have to look around. Some sticks are easier to find than others.

I can’t TP/load my inventory/load attacahments…
Neither can I, and I feel your pain. I’m stuck ruthed and can’t even get into appearance mode!

Finally, you may want to check out my earlier post on surviving hunt lag. And honestly folks? Thank you. Thanks for playing along, because it means the world to me!


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  1. Yeah you can’t do anything about SL issues this weekend. But Laynie the hunt is a success 😀 you did a good job organising it !

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