Are you ready?

Coming June 5…


Coming soon, to the Fashion Expo…

Just a teaser shot, but I am SO looking forward to the Fashion Expo. Can you figure out what this is? (Other than an upcoming release…)

Accidental outfit time again.

I did it again. I finished up assembling a set of outfits, and had to laugh when I actually looked at myself. You be the judge… and note the shoes in the close-up…


REMINDER: Voting for Dark Eden girl is STILL UP!!!

Ok, if you ever loved me or Teagan (or just want to be nice), go vote for her at the Dark Eden girl of the month … erm, votey-thingie. I took the pic, and I’m pretty partial to it. I think she looks fabulous!

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Man, who knew I was so co-dependent?? Teagan had a death in the family, and is off to the funeral. I am so sorry for her loss. I’m also sorry she had to leave, because I miss her terribly. I am such a geek.

I now understand how she shopped so much while I was in the hospital. It’s grief-spending!


Coming soon…

Just a subtle tease… look for this and more at the clothing fair!


I am such a dork…

That’s right. I sit at my computer, playing a game in which I make my avatar sit at a computer. Some days I think I need therapy…