I just don’t have enough to do…

I swear, I am such a geek. Like I haven’t got enough on my plate right now… let me sum up.

First off, we added a third floor to the main shop, so check it out for items that had been retired due to lack of room. You might find something you like!

Second, we finally did something we’ve been meaning to do for ages- we set up an in-world headquarters for Savoir Hair. It’s been a long time in the planning, and will be opening soon. Keep watching for a grand opening!

Third, I’m participating in the Fashion Expo June 5-9. and I’m going to be debuting a very special piece. I’ve worked hard on it, and I am absolutely in love with the finished piece. Add to that more new items from both LaynieWear and SYD, it should turn out to be a LOT of fun.

Finally, it looks like I’m going to be offering some Photoshop classes in-world targeted specifically towards creating SL fashion. Still working out the particulars on this, keep an eye on the blog for more info.

All this is coming at the most busy time of the year for me… we’re trying to get the cash together to send our son to Camp Sweeney, so I better get to designing! I love you guys, thanks for being so supportive!! (and the new computer makes all this possible, thank you ALL!)


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