Accusations of content theft…

Yesterday, some of you may be aware that I was accused of content theft. My accuser went on and on, mostly in caps, about how it’s absolutely impossible that I could have come upon my design without seeing his work. (Amusing, since I still have no idea who he is. His ego is a bit overinflated, if you ask me.)

In response, I went to the living light store (no lm, he gets no direct traffic from me, thanks!) and inspected the various bits for sale. They’re gorgeous, by the way, and look absolutely nothing like my work. I have to assume he saw my work highlighted at the SLX page and had a bit of a hissy without actually seeing that mine is very different.

I include pictures here of the various objects in the shop. Notice that none of the dates go back past May 10. That’s an important bit.

Basically, if you click these, you can see the circled dates, none of which predate March 10. This is important, because I’m going to show you the scary work-in-progress pics I always take. Watch the dates now…

That last image, for me, is the kicker. I took that picture of Teagan on May 7, and it’s what triggered the whole process for me. I ended up lying in bed, kicking things around in my mind about how to get the look the character had in a book I read years ago.

Now, to address the idea that no one would be able to come up with “a dress made from light” without seeing his creation, I’ll let these images speak for themselves.

Yes, a couple of those link to articles. These dresses go back to 2006. As they say, there are no new ideas in fashion.


Accidental resemblances…

I was talking to Delora Starbrook the other night (big surprise, I think we talk EVERY night?), and she sent over a new ad she made using a skin she’d bought earlier. I was struck by how much she looked like Kim Kardashian… look!

Seriously, I was floored. Ok, it was the middle of the night, but still… considering it was a total accident, I was amused! *grin*

Then I had to take pics in some of Delora’s silks. Why? Because it was 3am and I was still awake. Go figure… Yes, I know it’s summer, but part of me is wishing for that crisp air of winter.

I can’t help it. I put these on and I feel so darn girly!!! Something about the way the fabric moves. It’s just delicious.

And can I just say I *LOVE* the D Skins? I got #41 after Delora dropped the landmark on me. My first reaction was, “Man, $1500 for one skin? Too rich for my blood!” Then she said the sweetest words ever to me… “Look in the box.”

No, not 1 skin for $1500. Not 5 skins, or even 10. No, there are 16 skins inside! That’s less than $100 each! Crazy!! I tried two demos on, and fell in love with the second. There’s something sweet about it, something innocent.

Go. Check them out, both the skins and the silks. You wont be sorry! 😀

System maintenance…

A while back, I made a schedule for myself- Mondays were going to be computer maintenance days. I’d go through all my SL image files and clear out the ones I don’t need. More hard drive space means faster machine, and less time digging, wondering “where the heck did I put this…”

As with all resolutions, this one lasted about a month. I’ve been sorting files for 2 hours, and am still barely 1/4 done. It’s official- I’m a moron.

Look for fun flickr pics this afternoon, I’m finding a ton I intended to post and promptly forgot about.

May I have your attention, please?

Sometimes, everyone else notices something before you do. That was the case with me… everyone just assumed Teagan and I were partners already. Let’s face it, we’re pretty interchangeable… But last night, Teagan and I were talking, and well? I decided to make an honest woman out of her.

Incurable romantic that I am, I dragged her off to a Vegas chapel. I mean, it’s not like we were having a huge ceremony, with a ton of people, right?

Wrong. From the beginning, she just looked down, sad. I bounced into the chapel, found the cutest little archy thingie to stand in front of… but I think you can tell, she wasn’t having it.

I mean, look at that face!! This is TOTALLY not how to get things off on the right foot. No, I had to apologize. A dinky Vegas chapel just wasn’t gonna cut it. But Teagan came to the rescue… just like she always does. Within a few minutes, she found us the most amazing little place to stand, and before long, we were looking into each other’s eyes and taking that next step.

Soon after, we were standing at the water’s edge, watching the sun set on this amazing day. Is it the beginning? Hardly. But it’s A beginning…

RIP, Stan Winston

Stan Winston has passed away. My thoughts are with his family.

Stan Winston was one of my idols, I guess you could say. He and Ray Harryhausen, both. I’ve been fascinated with special effects since I was a child, and these two were the masters. It’s a sad day.

Home again, and the new releases are up in the shop!

WOW, that was a whirlwind trip! About 550 miles each way, not counting the little side excursions for dinner, last-minute shopping, etc. Too much time in a car, that’s for sure!  But the fashion expo is over, and it was fantastic! Thanks for coming out, I appreciate it! Since the expo is over now, my new releases are up in the main shop, and will be online at SLExchange and Onrez soon.

Now… to finish those things that are floating around in my head!


Camp Sweeney called- they have a spot for the kiddo in first session. That’s fab.. except that we have to leave for Dallas tomorrow. Looks like I need to start packing.