Best laid plans…

Ok, some of you may know this, some of you may not. I am blind as a bat- legally. Without my contacts, I can see about 4-6″ in front of me before everything becomes a total blur. So, since it had been about 7 years since I got a new pair of glasses, I decided it was time. I picked out a cute little frame, got my extra-thin lenses, and was told they’d be in within a week or so.

We get the call that they’re ready to be picked up, and I’m bouncy. Allergy season here has been nigh unbearable, so I was looking forward to being able to take out my contacts and rub my eyes. (I know, small pleasures.) We got to the shop, paid, and I went to the back to take out my lenses.

As I’m cleaning my glasses, I admire what a lovely job the tech did with them. The glass was smooth and thin, and fit into the frames beautifully. I took out my contacts, plopped them into their respective cups, and put on my glasses…

… and blinked, confused. I took them off again, cleaned them thoroughly, and replaced them on my nose only to realize that the glass in them had no prescription! That’s right, boys and girls, somehow the tech managed to send off for my glasses without inputting the prescription.

She apologized profusely. I found the situation hysterically funny. It’s so ludicrous, how am I going to get angry? Even if I had been angry, what good would that do? The glasses still had to be remade. *grin*

So here it is, a week later, and I still have no cute glasses. So instead, I’ll leave a pic of my avatar in cute glasses, similar to the ones I hope to pick up this week!



  1. Your cute glasses look a lot like the cute glasses I picked out yesterday.

    I’ve got a similar prescription, but only in one eye. So I always need small, but thick frames or it becomes really obvious that one eye is magnified more than the other, and the thicker lense is really noticible at the side. I was so thrilled when plastic frames came back into style, I could finally hide the thick lense behind the frame, and still look cute. lol

  2. Oh man, that’s gotta suck! I’m surprised, my eyes actually got BETTER this time… significantly! I didn’t know that could happen…

  3. Oh, I would have been surprised, too-I have a -8 prescription. Blind as a bat, too (there’s a reason my avatar always wears glasses I think…). I got sunglasses last year and had to take the cheaper glass-they look fairly ridiculous with their icecube sized glass in them….

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