Regarding Rustica, once again.

NOTE: Posting this log has NOT been a violation of the SL TOS. Let me cut and paste:

4. Disclosure: Residents are entitled to a reasonable level of privacy with regard to their Second Lives. Sharing personal information about a fellow Resident –including gender, religion, age, marital status, race, sexual preference, and real-world location beyond what is provided by the Resident in the First Life page of their Resident profile is a violation of that Resident’s privacy. Remotely monitoring conversations, posting conversation logs, or sharing conversation logs without consent are all prohibited in Second Life and on the Second Life Forums.

That bold bit? Important. This is not a Second Life forum, this is my private blog. There’s a difference.


I hate doing this. Unfortunately, the recent glowing response to Rustica’s customer service needs an update.

See, I’d created an absolutely gorgeous sitting area with items from Rustica. LOVED them. However, I got a frantic IM this morning that all scripted items needed to go from the Fashion Expo build. I hopped online, and we scanned the area, and all my rustica furniture was big on lag, due to the color change scripts and all, apparently. Hoping against hope, I sent a quick message to both Lyyric and Maxwell, hoping they could work with me and give me a quick scrubbed set with no scripts. Logical? Perhaps.

Lyyric politely said no. No problem, end of story… I pulled the furniture and put something else out.

Maxwell then replied to me. I’m sharing the conversation so you can see what transpired. Somehow, he’s not the kind helpful person I thought he was.

[7:07] Laynie Link: HELP! I’m not allowed scripted objects on the fashion expo build! All the rustica stuff has scripts… can you please help ASAP???
[7:07] Second Life: User not online – message will be stored and delivered later.
[8:46] Maxwell Graf: not sure exactly what you want me to do. They need to allow scripts.
[8:46] Maxwell Graf: all they have to do is turn on allow scripts.
[8:46] Laynie Link: no, they’re not allowing scripts because of lag purposes. i was hoping to be able to get script-free furniture, but I’ve pulled them for the meantime
[8:48] Maxwell Graf: Laynie, script free furniture is about as usefull as tits on a bull, hon. I don’t think they are going to get a lot of traffic with no scripts. Besides, the jewelry causes just as much lag as the scripts do, more actually
[8:49] Laynie Link: they’re going to get plenty of traffic
[8:49] Laynie Link: that’s why they’re wanting to cut down scripted items by the participants- to help as much with lag as we can
[8:49] Laynie Link: no offense, but you’re being sort of rude about this
[8:54] Laynie Link: don’t worry. in the future, I’m sure I’ll be able to find a furniture designer who’ll work with me.
[8:55] Maxwell Graf: actually, I was trying to respond politely about this, since you didnt read my profile apparently, which is ok, but states my position on this. In fact, i think youve been pretty rude, asking me to modify my items and destroy them by taking out the scripts, making them essentially useless. I havent been rude yet, but I can if you would like me to be. I responded, against my policy, to HELP YOU IF I COULD. Now, all that being said, have a great show. Do’nt IM me anymore about furniture because your show sponsors havent got it figured out that you should police the event, not shut everything off. What exactly were you expecting me to do, Laynie? RUn over and build you a custom set of furniture? Yeah, please do go elsewhere. I prefer not to deal with people like you. THank you.
[8:56] Maxwell Graf: i cant believe you. my Word.
[8:56] Maxwell Graf: thats so mean.
[8:56] Laynie Link: Customers who expect, if not respect, then perhaps politeness? Mean?
[8:57] Laynie Link: Take a look in the mirror before you call someone mean.
[8:57] Maxwell Graf: buh bye.
[8:57] Maxwell Graf: have a good show
[8:58] Laynie Link: and enjoy they money i’ve spent, because there won’t be another penny… and I WILL tell my friends.
[8:59] Maxwell Graf: If I give you a refund, will you stop IMing me? Lets start there.
[8:59] Laynie Link: i don’t want a refund. i wanted respect. you seem to not understand how that’s done.
[9:04] Maxwell Graf: So, responding to you agaisnt my policy of not responding to IMs about making changes to my products….DESPITE going agaisnt that policy and personally contacting you to see of there was something I could do to help. How is that wrong? rude? Look, lady….just because you are having a hard time and your stressed out, dont be a wacko, ok? I went out of my way to try to help you, and if you are too stupid to figure that out, go have your temper tantrum somewhere else. Try pulling this crap on anyone and you will get the same treatment. I built my reputation and my business on respecting customers, but if you want to cross the line and start insulting me directly because your panties are in a wad, then go somewhere else, because that isnt going to work here. I dont respond to temper tantrums. YOu want to talk to me with some respect and deal with me directly, I’ll be happy to help. IM later when your adrenaline levels are back to normal and Ill be happy to refund your money.
[9:05] Laynie Link: Your partner offered me a refund, and I was polite to her as well. I don’t WANT a refund. You could, however, have responded politely, instead of being an ass. It’s ok. I’ll be the kind of customer you don’t like- the one who shows your REAL side to the world, rather than sucking it up and moving on.
[9:06] Maxwell Graf: I did respond politely, until you started to freak out.
[9:06] Laynie Link: i haven’t freaked out. and you were rude. i suggest you reread your log.
[9:06] Laynie Link: by the time you messaged me, I’d pulled the furniture and resolved things nicely with your partner. shame you managed to undo that.
[9:07] Maxwell Graf: ok, how bout go have your fashion show. Youve ruined my morning already. PLEASE Dont shop here anymore. Im begging you.
[9:08] Laynie Link: ohhh, trust me, i won’t be.
[9:08] Maxwell Graf: thanks for being a patient and understanding customer. Yay
[9:08] Laynie Link: and thank you for being such a caring and concerned vendor.

Now, just so you know? It had been resolved with Lyyric. I understand that someone might not want to change their items. But I feel the attitude I received was VERY out of line. It’s soured me to the point that I won’t be doing business there anymore.

A simple, “I’m sorry, but I can’t do that” still works, people. Some of us are fine with that.



  1. I have delt with him also and he is the rudiest man. Yes he makes nice furniture but his customer relations are the worst. There are several other furniture makers out there that do just as good, if not better and also have customer skills. Sorry you had to deal with him.

  2. First of all, you do realize that posting our private conversation, aside from being highly unethical, is also against the LL TOS policy, right?

    From the LL TOS:

    “4. Disclosure: Residents are entitled to a reasonable level of privacy with regard to their Second Lives. Sharing personal information about a fellow Resident –including gender, religion, age, marital status, race, sexual preference, and real-world location beyond what is provided by the Resident in the First Life page of their Resident profile is a violation of that Resident’s privacy. Remotely monitoring conversations, posting conversation logs, or sharing conversation logs without consent are all prohibited in Second Life and on the Second Life Forums.”

    Now, aside from this direct attack against me because you didnt get what you want, I’m NOT going to report this, because its a perfect example of what I’ve been dealing with from your first IM to me, whihc was essentially responded to in as proper a manner as I could muster, considering that you IMed me anyways after my policy provides another avenue to resolve this situation. I did ask you what I could do for you FIRST, and because it wasnt the answer you wanted, I’m suddenly a badguy, and suddenly my customer service is awful. I tried to help you, and when that wasnt good enough, you wanted to point out how rude I was. Well, I’m sorry if someone asking me to destroy my items by taking the scripts out of them because you dont have script perms for the show you are doing makes me a little edgy. I was fine until you started telling me how rude I am. I offered to give you a refund, and I asked what you wanted me to do. Instead, you respond by posting this in an obvious attempt to publicly denounce me and what I do here. It is unfortunate that we could not work out our differences, although I offered you every solution I could. That it was not enough is also unfortunate, but I do not believe that you needed to go to this level. For your reference, Im posting the TOS policy you just violated. In this instance, I have to say that I have no problem with whats been written here, those are my words, and I would say them again to you if you give me the kind of attitude you gave me this morning. I tired to do things politely, i tried to offer you a solution, yet in spite of you breaking not only my direct policies and voilating my personal privacy by posting our conversation in some twisted attempt at vindication, I’m still willing to step up to the spotlight and let anyone know what happened this morning, instead of trying to stab you in the back via a flaming blog. Through our actions we are revealed. I was rude, yes, and I would be so again to someone who does what you did the way you did this morning. I have established a reputation on my customer service, and will go out of my way to help a customer, always have. I WILL NOT, however, take abuse and rudeness by a customer by just turning my head and smiling. You dont get to walk all over me as a store owner and disregard my policy and the LL policy without getting a response. Im not just going to turn away and smile and say you did the right thing. I offered to help, you didnt get what you wanted, you threw a few verbal daggers, and I threw some right back at ya. I hope that everyone reads this, I really do, so that they can see exactly what happened. Yes, I said some off color things, I’m an off color guy sometimes. But I never would have gottem that way if you werent acting the way you did, first going to me, and then to my partner, and then to the world with our private conversation! You validate my responses with your actions.

  3. WOW… just, wow. I’ve never bought furniture there, and now I know I never will. What a pompous ass.

  4. Laynie, thanks for posting this about Rustica. Maxwell Graff sounds very rude — I think that your request was more than reasonable, considering it takes 2 seconds to remove a script? I guess Rustica is doing so well that their owners have to beg customers to not shop there, God forbid they might have to provide an acceptable level of customer service. O.o I’ve had very good service at The LOFT — once I asked Colleen Desmoulins to uncheck the ‘bright’ on the cushions of my furniture and it was done. Take your money where it’s appreciated.

  5. Also Plush Pod by Jenny Minogue, and Avenue Four by Luna Benavente are very good places for furniture too. I can’t think of anymore shops off the top of my head but thankfully there are a lot of shops in sl with the sense to provide good customer service.

  6. Scratches said Vendor off her recommeded places to shop & shopping list. Thanks Maxwell… referring ot the usefullness of “tits on a bull” pretty much is one of the more offensive things you can say to a woman… it is not helpful, and damn rude. Maybe someone out there finds you charming and cute, but I just think you are am Egomaniacal Brat.
    ~ Ketsy

  7. Wow, Its against TOS for you to post someones conversation. In fact, its stated as follows in the Second Life Terms of Service Aggreement… 4. Disclosure
    Residents are entitled to a reasonable level of privacy with regard to their Second Lives. Sharing personal information about a fellow Resident –including gender, religion, age, marital status, race, sexual preference, and real-world location beyond what is provided by the Resident in the First Life page of their Resident profile is a violation of that Resident’s privacy. Remotely monitoring conversations, posting conversation logs, or sharing conversation logs without consent are all prohibited in Second Life and on the Second Life Forums.

  8. Now there’s a merchant who believes that the customer exists to sit on his precious furniture, rather than the furniture existing to serve the needs of the customer.

    What a dickwad. How much effort would it have been for him to strip out the scripts and give you what you needed instead of arguing with you about it? You obviously knew what you needed. Its not like you were asking for custom work or anything, just a very simple mod that his permissions make impossible for you to do yourself.

  9. I’m sorry you had a bad experience. Despite the fact that this vendor can choose to do his business the way he wants doesn’t mean that there has to be a loss in courtesy.

    You certainly didn’t need to be treated in this manner. I offer you cookies and hearts. 🙂

  10. One has to be very careful about copy and pasting private IM’s in anger in the hopes that it will somehow besmirch the other person. From what I’m seeing here you were sounding somewhat like a prima donna and while I understand your level of stress, he was in noway obliged to jump when you said frog. The ‘tits on a bull ‘thing which I think you may have taken offense at was just funny and an analogy.

    Just my 2cents.

  11. Laynie:

    You’re right. It was solved with Lyyric. You might have mentioned that to Maxwell. However, expecting ANOTHER set of furniture FOR FREE simply because the area would not allow scripts seems a bit cheeky. So that means if I buy something you make, and I want it in a different color or configuration, because I paid for the original item, I should get it for free? I bet not.

    Next time, take the answer you get and be gracious enough to accept it.

  12. Sunshine- where was I asking for another set of furniture? Where did you see me ask for anything for free? If anything, I refused a refund.

    I had to pick it up not because the area had scripting turned off, but because all of my rustica items were creating too much lag. Scripting WAS on, which is why they were a problem.

    The answer I got was rude. I wasn’t in the frame of mind to deal with rude today, especially after writing such a glowing reaction to their customer service just 2 days ago.

  13. Sorry, Maxwell, but I didn’t violate the TOS, because I didn’t share it in game, or on a Linden server. Nice try, though.

    Your partner said no first, and I was quite kind to her. No is always an acceptable response, but your attitude was not. Talking about letting people know what happened? It’s all there in black and white, so people are free to make up their own minds.

  14. Nyx- you’re welcome to your own opinion. I disagree, but hey, that’s not the end of the world, right?

  15. I don’t comment frequently on other people’s blogs. I am going to here because I want to. I get slightly irritated by opening the fashion feed to find personal attacks and personal blog posts that take up tons of scrolling space and essentially just make the person blogging look bad for pressing that publish button. Point 1: aside from being against the TOS to reproduce chat transcripts without the other person’s consent… this whole post is petty. “I hate to do this.” No, you don’t. If you hated it… you wouldn’t have done it. Making something like this public to the fashion feed is unnecessary. Point 2: “Next time, take the answer you get and be gracious enough to accept it.” It would appear that you’d already resolved your matter with one person. Not informing Mr. Graf that the matter had *already* been resolved and still trying to get him to do something he clearly is unable to do (per his policies) isn’t very gracious of you, is it?

  16. Apatia- feel how you will. This was no personal attack, it was a passing along of information people might care about, especially because I had done a blog describing how amazing their customer service was two days ago.

    It’s not against the TOS, because this is NOT SL or the SL forums. This is MY blog, and i can post pretty much whatever I like, just like you can.

    Finally, Lyyric said she couldn’t log on until this evening, so I figured that was it for that. It was NOT unreasonable to ask for scripts to be stripped out of my furniture, IMHO. If you disagree, hey, cool… it’s a big world, with room for lots of opinions, right?

  17. OMG! The comment moderation! Theyre all popping up out of order! Grrrrr!

  18. I know, that’s what happens when I get back and unscreen from top to bottom. I’ve never had to do that before!

  19. Where??? Why right here Laynie: “I sent a quick message to both Lyyric and Maxwell, hoping they could work with me and give me a quick scrubbed set with no scripts.”

    Although I give a whit whether you feel you were slighted or not, the fact remains that you got what you paid for, and were entitled to NOTHING more.

  20. […] have good customer service after all. I would recommend anyone considering shopping there look at this entry beforehand. Then, if you choose to shop there, you know what you’re getting yourself […]

  21. I know its not a happy opion but ive delt with max before and found him very pleasent and helpful

    I do think you were both rude to each other. It was slightly ambigouse at the begining. He did become rude but you were to.

    I can understand him not wanting to take apart his work i know i wouldnt if i was him.

  22. Again, who said anything about entitled? I have a script that lets me get rid of earlier scripting. It takes literally moments. I didn’t want extra stuff, I just wanted to be able to use the stuff I bought.

    Also, I was fine with “NO,” which I’ve said more than once. It was the attitude i don’t appreciate. I believe some courtesy should come along with customer service.

  23. Also yeah posting comment and sorta slagging him off is a wee bit tacky. Just accept him as rude and move on if that your veiw. This sort of blog just creates needless drama

  24. Although I don’t agree with the things Max said, I also don’t agree with taking it to a public forum. I have dealt with Max regarding issues with his furniture before and he was never rude to me.

    I wanted curtains so bad to fit in my home but none of the sizes he had fit, he could have fixed the scripts to resize the curtains, but I understand there’s a lot of prims involved and it would mean taking time off from doing his builds to do that for me, I did not expect him to stop his world to accommodate to mine.

    I do agree that removing scripts from those sofas would make the furniture useless, you wouldn’t be able to even sit on them unless you set pillows out which creates just as much lag, pillow talk animation and poses always run very high, in fact that’s probably why they were running so high in the estate tools, someone was probably sitting on them. Color changing scripts aren’t too bad on lag.

    I guess it all comes down to everyone having a bad day probably. Or I was just lucky, my only bad experience with Rustica is that a lot of items aren’t mod, probably because he doesn’t want his furniture duplicated or stolen, and to me that’s unfortunate, buying no mod furniture is just as bad as selling me sofa with no animations.

    If I wanted to add other poses to my furniture I wouldn’t be able to as it’s no mod, if I wanted to resize something, I can’t because it’s no mod, if I wanted to add a sexgen module to my bed, I can’t because it’s no mod (I don’t lol, just an example.) No mod furniture is just useless to me, so I don’t buy it and I don’t make a big deal about it on my blog.

    Sure, he was rude, but perhaps he felt you asking him to take apart his furniture were just as rude. There’s no excuse for his behavior, but again taking it to a public forum is just as wrong as being rude and calling you stupid. If I had a bad experience with a store I wouldn’t give them bad publicity, I would simply stop shopping at said store.

    I recently saw something like this written against Insolence and I think it’s low and unacceptable, honestly I think bloggers are given too much credit, I’m a blogger myself, but I don’t use my blog to shoot those down that haven’t treated me the way I expected. I guess SL has become too dependent on those who blog and I don’t feel a blogger should have the power to make you or break you.

    And btw, it is against the community standards to take the log and post it on a blog. I asked a linden a while back about that because of a situation I was involved in.

  25. I’m glad you’ve had good experiences with him, Marni. But I disagree that I was rude first. And again- I was fine with “No” as an answer, it was the rudeness I don’t appreciate.

  26. I don’t feel that this is a personal attack, and I’m actually very grateful to people who post about their bad experiences in customer service…I rarely ever have to contact a designer about anything, but when I do, if they’re terrible to me about it, I’m not giving them any more of my money, I’ll find someone a little bit more grateful for my patronage to shop with. There are thousands of content creators out there, and I’d just rather not deal with people who aren’t at least courteous, even if they can’t help me with my problem. Being someone who’s worked in customer service when I was younger, you just learn how to treat people (if your momma didn’t)…I dunno, maybe some designers have all the money they need and don’t care if they get any more. But most of us are thankful for every person who steps into our shops, and wouldn’t lose any of them if we had the power to prevent it.

    Content creation takes a lot of work, and people are obviously deserving to be compensated for the work they put in, but people act like they’re paying for materials and laborers in a factory somewhere that are putting these products together for them. I mean, textures/animations/whatever uploaded = no more cost to you, outside of land use fees for the store itself. Everything else is pure profit. So what does it really cost you to fix one thing and give another copy to keep a customer happy? Nothing but what is already made, already exists. If you don’t feel like you should give another copy, right on, politely say no. To hurt, insult, embarrass a customer…seems a lot more costly to me.

    Just as lots of designer blogs post info about bad customers, especially if it’s going to be a situation where their reputation is at stake, it’s just as fair to post about bad customer service. Thanks for sharing your story, Laynie 😀

  27. Passing along information *you feel* people might care about is also going to damage to his business. Goal accomplished as I read a few “I’ll never shop there” comments. Just because you and Mr. Graf had this interaction does *NOT* by any chance mean that he will provide “poor” customer service to other people. – My opinion.

  28. Man, that’s weird. Iris has dealt with Max before I think and never had a problem – nothing she complained to me about, anyway. It’s crummy he was a jerk to you. That’s not really the way you run a business. I would have become kind of annoyed the moment he said “tits on a bull” in response to my inquiry. The fact that the sim didn’t allow scripts is really irrelevant.

    It doesn’t matter who Laynie talked to first, one of the two partners should have been willing to work with her and they didn’t. They weren’t willing to rez the item, ditch the scripts and set the proper texture that she wanted. It would have taken about five minutes.

    Because of this, Max now has his reputation questioned, which sucks. Would have taken you five minutes, Max. Only five.

  29. …*irrelevant* – in terms of whether or not he could make the furniture be what Laynie needed.

    Apatia, stuff like this is important. Since we have no BBB in SL, nor a Consumer’s Reports, we deal with bad service in this manner.

    Also, Laynie has not violated any Terms of Service. The TOS doesn’t cover third party sites like forums and blogs that aren’t sanctioned by Linden Lab, sorry.

  30. I got about as far as “hon” and cringed. Hon always sounds so condescending in text – intended or not.

    Lessons learned all the way around it looks like – or at least I hope.

  31. I’m probably going to be making myself unpopular here. Honestly, I don’t think either of the two parties involved approached this properly.

    I’m sure you _were_ a bit panicky at the time when you contacted them. However, that sort of IM is not the way to start a conversation with someone, unless you want them to start on the defensive.

    When one has a policy in their profile about no custom work, one is, in fact, quite strenuously looking to avoid being contacted about custom work. If one has gone to the trouble of making a point of it, then one is also probably bothered about it far too often, and therefore very likely to be extremely annoyed when someone ignores the nice and easy great big warning not to be bothered about it. Especially when that person is saying I NEED HELP NOW NOW NOW.

    Maxwell obviously didn’t understand what the true purpose for this was at the beginning. Not everyone keeps up on the goings on in the fashion world, especially when one’s focus is not fashion. He was quite irritable, yes, and came off as someone rather unpleasant to deal with in this case. Should he have been? Probably not, but on the other hand, he’d already made it quite clear that he wasn’t to be contacted about such matters. Tack on, everybody can have a bad day, and the fact he went to the trouble of saying no custom work in his profile, and he obviously doesn’t want to deal with this sort of thing at all- and in fact tells you to contact his polite partner in the business instead. An excuse for rudeness? No, but maybe he does not want to be contacted in part due to the fact he has an abrasive personality and _knows_ that he shouldn’t be dealing with customers. Some people get pissy easily, and some people are brilliant artists who want to set fire to the vast majority of the population.

    Removing scripts from furniture….well, this is a whole barrel of worms here. Sculpts mean collision is all messed up. Non sit targetted sculpt furniture is 100% useless as furniture! You are unable to sit on it entirely, or if you manage at all, you will be hovering a meter or 2 in the air. You might as well have put in a fountain or a sculpture instead.

    Unless things have changed since the last time I did this (and it wasn’t long ago), scripts can be deleted from the contents of no mod objects. You can do all of the “easy only takes 5 minutes” descripting yourself. Honestly, even expecting someone, who has stated that they don’t have time to do custom work, to take “5 minutes” out to take scripts out of something is asking a bit much (tack on the fact we’re looking at working for FAR FAR under minimum wage here, which is part of the reason why many people refuse to do custom work)- especially as the scripter then has to deal with the quite likely possibility that the customer will still not be happy with that, as they don’t get the whole “furniture minus scripts equals no pretty sits”. You may have gotten that, but the other 50 people who asked for the same thing? Let’s face it- there are a lot of completely unreasonable and stupid people out there. Some just don’t know how things work, and some just plain don’t care and want you to take your magic wand and make everything perfect even when it’s impossible.

    Buyer beware: no mod means no mod, and “I don’t do custom work” means “I will try to make sure you get your item (unlike certain people whose profiles say don’t bother me with file transactions as that is LL’s business), but that item only.” Is that a reasonable policy? Some people will say yes, other people will say no. However, it is clearly stated.

    Sit targetting is a property of the prim, not the script, and thus the sit target does in fact remain. This means there’s a slight possibility it might work….unless the pelvis position is not set at the default (which is _extremely_ likely). If not, the sit will be all messed up (floating, embedded in the furniture, not to mention all the wacky ass rotations that are even more likely)- and fixing _that_ on their part will take a fair bit of time as they re sit target every prim that is targetted, then delete those scripts. In my mind? That is definitely fully into the realm of custom work, and therefore just the thing he is stating he does not wish to be contacted about.

  32. Off topic: I kind of miss your Pinchyface posts!

  33. Whether the furniture would’ve been rendered useless or not is besides the point. Instead of replying in such a condescending manner at the outset, if he’d just said, “Sorry… I don’t do special orders or custom requests”, that would’ve been that. The way I read this, it wasn’t his unwillingness to provide her with what she’d requested that irked her, it was the manner in which he chose to address her.

  34. Melanie: He does say that in his profile. Twice.

    Also he’s not condescending, he’s southern. “Tits on a bull” and “hon” are both southern colloquialisms that people use and they normally don’t have a negative spin on them. Laynie just interpreted it that way.

    The moral of this story should be:

  35. I’m not sure why he saw it fit to trash the Expo instead of sticking to a simple answer, and then trash the customer for not having read his policy… People often do not READ even if things are right in front of them, that’s not meant in a bad way that’s just humanity and you need to know and accept this as a vendor. Another thing is that designers often try asking things against policy anyway because of the possible advertising it may get both or for the simple fact that designers often help eachother out in SL.
    I have bought from him myself and had a question, and even though it was not the answer I was hoping for, he was polite to me. I can only guess that it was not his day, Laynie.

  36. I don’t think he was trying to trash the Expo- from his responses, I don’t think he _knew_ what the Expo was, and was assuming a totally different situation. The two of you really seemed to be talking completely cross purposes at the beginning, which probably contributed to frustration on BOTH sides.

    As for not reading….yes, people don’t read. But by not reading, they are both insulting the person they are ignoring the policies of- “my time is more important than yours. I can’t be bothered to read a simple notice, instead I need personal attention”- but also everyone who DOES actually read and follow directions- “I deserve preferential treatment over all of those other people.” People put their policies in their profiles for a reason.

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