Accidental resemblances…

I was talking to Delora Starbrook the other night (big surprise, I think we talk EVERY night?), and she sent over a new ad she made using a skin she’d bought earlier. I was struck by how much she looked like Kim Kardashian… look!

Seriously, I was floored. Ok, it was the middle of the night, but still… considering it was a total accident, I was amused! *grin*

Then I had to take pics in some of Delora’s silks. Why? Because it was 3am and I was still awake. Go figure… Yes, I know it’s summer, but part of me is wishing for that crisp air of winter.

I can’t help it. I put these on and I feel so darn girly!!! Something about the way the fabric moves. It’s just delicious.

And can I just say I *LOVE* the D Skins? I got #41 after Delora dropped the landmark on me. My first reaction was, “Man, $1500 for one skin? Too rich for my blood!” Then she said the sweetest words ever to me… “Look in the box.”

No, not 1 skin for $1500. Not 5 skins, or even 10. No, there are 16 skins inside! That’s less than $100 each! Crazy!! I tried two demos on, and fell in love with the second. There’s something sweet about it, something innocent.

Go. Check them out, both the skins and the silks. You wont be sorry! 😀

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