Accusations of content theft…

Yesterday, some of you may be aware that I was accused of content theft. My accuser went on and on, mostly in caps, about how it’s absolutely impossible that I could have come upon my design without seeing his work. (Amusing, since I still have no idea who he is. His ego is a bit overinflated, if you ask me.)

In response, I went to the living light store (no lm, he gets no direct traffic from me, thanks!) and inspected the various bits for sale. They’re gorgeous, by the way, and look absolutely nothing like my work. I have to assume he saw my work highlighted at the SLX page and had a bit of a hissy without actually seeing that mine is very different.

I include pictures here of the various objects in the shop. Notice that none of the dates go back past May 10. That’s an important bit.

Basically, if you click these, you can see the circled dates, none of which predate March 10. This is important, because I’m going to show you the scary work-in-progress pics I always take. Watch the dates now…

That last image, for me, is the kicker. I took that picture of Teagan on May 7, and it’s what triggered the whole process for me. I ended up lying in bed, kicking things around in my mind about how to get the look the character had in a book I read years ago.

Now, to address the idea that no one would be able to come up with “a dress made from light” without seeing his creation, I’ll let these images speak for themselves.

Yes, a couple of those link to articles. These dresses go back to 2006. As they say, there are no new ideas in fashion.



  1. Sounds like someone owes you a SERIOUS apology.

    Sharkboy and Lavagirl was released in 2005. You have to figure the planning of her costume predates that. It is safe to say the costume design could go back to 2004.

  2. I leave for a few days and suddenly everyone and their brother takes a crazy pill. wtf.

  3. Darling, don’t let this foul accuser get you down. A blind person can see the dates on those prims and know the truth. From my blog on the matter:
    “Unless Ms. Link is a psychic, there is no possible way for her to copy something that was completed until 12 days after she finished her work. “

  4. No offense to this dude or anyone else but a light dress is not in any way, shape, or form an original creation. Designers have played with light in their fashion for years. Ninja and I are actually working on our own set of lights that swirl around the body…does that mean we’d be copying you? Not at all. Oi..some people. Sorry you had to go through this Laynie

  5. I assume that whoever it was saw the ad on SLExchange and figured it’s new.

  6. There’s no way you can take this guy seriously. He is making himself look like a fool.

  7. hun you have a talent and dont let anyone pick on you for it.
    IF this person is making these things and not getting sales then they need to work harder at being nice and getting there stuff seen and NOT picking on you.
    Personally I rather buy things from nice people so I’m sticking wiith you 😀

  8. Washu, you should have seen the conversation we had. It was filled with CAPS and RIGHTEOUS INDIGNATION… until I told him to file a DMCA if he felt he had a case.

  9. Beulah, Zoey, Elle, Tenshi- thank you for the support. I very much appreciate it.

  10. Lovely dress 🙂 This whole situation is happening elsewhere over some hairstyles that are in the same vein but don’t really look all that similar to me. Its like IP rights fever. I can’t see how it matters who made what first, I’m of the same mind of Zoey in the sense that the whole thing is like claiming jeans as a creation, or a hair maker claiming a bun or a ponytail, which if thats the case I and ever other hair designer are ripping off ponytails lol. clothing made of light isn’t new as you clearly outlined with your screens.I hope it doesn’t cause you too much trouble laynie, at any rate you’ve done nothing wrong and didn’t deserve that kind of treatment. Hopefully things can be smoothed over without getting anymore ugly.

  11. I am beginning to think you are not credible as a designer if you are not accused of content theft. It’s becoming the fashion.
    I go to so many shops, view so many sites, I can never legitimately create clothes because GOD KNOWS I’ve seen everyone’s clothes they’ve made and would never be able to defend myself.

    Someone should make “DMCA 2008” shirts. I swear.

  12. *laughs* It’s sad, but true. Cute idea for a tee shirt, too!

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