EEK! I forgot to blog this!!

I blame it on being exhausted, but look- I MADE HAIR!! Fun hair, slightly silly… the type of hair I like to wear! 😀

It’s available at the main shop, #1 in my picks.


What is Laynie doing?

So, I’m sure some of you have been wondering what I’m doing lately. Well, you can rest at ease… I’m going to share.

Somehow, I managed to get the chicken pox. At my age… *sighs* Stupid freakin chicken pox.

I’m making a skin to commemorate this lovely event. Here’s a sneak preview of how I’m spending my time…

Isn’t it lovely? I feel so… so sexy.

Wait, wrong word. I feel so ITCHY.  *sighs* Carry on…

Vacation Yummies

Yes, I know, vacation, etc. I ended up obsessing over Andromeda, and ways to improve it. First- recolors. You can choose between 8 versions now, and right now there’s a limited number of them for 30% off in the main shop.

So, hop on over and grab it while it’s on sale. You’ll kick yourself if you miss it! 😀

So insane…

Ok, I’m totally insane. We leave for Georgia tomorrow morning, and here I am working on stuff for you guys! (Yes, I’m nuts!) I’ve got something up my sleeve, but I switched back to Photoshop and was just… happy with it. Lookie!

I’m totally losing my mind, and I’m going to be out of touch til a week from Sunday. You know the drill- if there’s a problem, leave me a notecard. Have a great week kids, and let’s hope I don’t get too sunburned!