What is Laynie doing?

So, I’m sure some of you have been wondering what I’m doing lately. Well, you can rest at ease… I’m going to share.

Somehow, I managed to get the chicken pox. At my age… *sighs* Stupid freakin chicken pox.

I’m making a skin to commemorate this lovely event. Here’s a sneak preview of how I’m spending my time…

Isn’t it lovely? I feel so… so sexy.

Wait, wrong word. I feel so ITCHY.  *sighs* Carry on…


  1. Ooooh! I’ve always wanted a chicken pox skin in SL! I don’t know, however, why this is, as it’s a really annoying itchy thing.

    Hope you survive scar free!

  2. *laughs* Me too. And I like funky skins. It’s fun to make my av reflect how I’m feeling today.

  3. Oh my god. Ew.

    I do NOT miss chicken pox. *blech*

  4. Neither do I. Did you know you could get lesions on your MOUTH??

    Yea, me neither.

  5. OH WOW that’s crazy! Didn’t you have them before?
    Knocks on wood she had them when she was seven…..

    or are you one of those unfortunate people who gets them twice?

    Lanacaine man – LANACAINE makes this stuff for the bath that makes you feel SO MUCH BETTER when you have chicken pox. I remember it VIVIDLY.

    The skin is a riot ……Hope you feel better!!

  6. Apparently, I had it when I was very small, and only had something like 3 blisters. Stupid chicken pox. Thanks for the tip about lanacaine!

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