Making Ruth Pretty…

You may have seen Alaska Metropolitan’s post about making Ruth pretty by now. I know, I know, it’s a challenge. I started with long hair, but realized I wanted her to have a short, edgy cut, so I threw on Philotic Energy’s Ariadne in Ruby. I knew I needed a soft, pretty skin, so I dug through and finally went with one of my old Fleur Vivant skins (Almond Paon 2), Popfuzz eyes, and some lashes for definition (D-Eyelash01 @Linji).

Then what to wear… I went through four or five things before deciding to put her in my new buttondown shirt and jeans. Bad idea… the jeans made her look squatty and dumpy. I swapped them for a skirt I got as a freebie ((ACgirl) JP_SKIRT) and then was faced with the issue of shoes.

Not a problem for me. It was all about the Porn Star Chucks. I know, I know, I’m not a normal girl. Deal with it. But here is my Ruth…

I’m pretty pleased, if I do say so myself. Now… it’s your turn!


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