Making Ruth Pretty… for FREE!!!

After a suggestion by Katerina Kirax, I decided to make a totally free Ruth that was still cute. Tonight’s was all stuff I found in the library (you know, that bottom folder no one ever looks in?) and WOW, I am stunned! Seriously some cute stuff… Nylon Pinkney, I’m lookin at you!

I started in the folder called Body Parts, and picked out the Grey Eyes. For some reason, they default to this really icky yellow color, so I went into appearance mode and set the eye color to 15 and the lightness to 77. Onward, peoples!

Next, I made my way to Girl Next Door by Nylon Pinkney. I chose these items:
Girl Next Door – Eyebrowshaper
Girl Next Door Skin
Girl Next Door Wedge Footshaper
GND Wedgeshoes – L
GND Wedgeshoes – R

Under Clubgoer Female by Nylon Pinkney I found these cutie patootie things.
Clubgoer Female Shirt
Clubgoer Female Pants
Clubgoer Female Skirt
Clubgoer Female Bracelets

Finally, under Musician Male by Renegade Clothing, I found the Musician Male Hair, made by Philotic Energy. Yea it’s a boy’s hair, so what, it looks cute!

I know, I know. You want to see the pictures. Fine, I can take a hint.

And can I just say how absolutely ADORABLE these shoes are? Seriously, I’m shocked that I had these in my inventory and didn’t even realize it!

So the moral of this story is… GO DIG IN YOUR LIBRARY!!! You never you know what you’ll find, and it’s all FREE!



  1. Cuteness, Laynie.. however, that skin is Sachi’s… Girl next door is an A’n E creation. The wedges are from Damen. He kicks butt anyways hahahaha

    I love Nylon’s gamer girl tho.. hilarious little avie.

  2. wish this stuf was ther when i joined – wouldnt have run around in a purple jumper for so long lol

  3. Sunrae- I was just showing where to get the items in your inventory. But seriously- WOW! Does Damen sell shoes in sl?

  4. Beulah- I know! Next is Ruth in freebies… 😀

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