Hair Fair… it’s almost here…

Man, what a rush. My booth for hair fair is finished. Gwen Carrilion of Elements in Design was kind enough to design my booth for me, and I can not thank her enough. It’s absolutely lovely, and I couldn’t resist snapping a picture after finally plopping myself down to rest. The vendors are packed, the freebies are out, and now we simply wait for all the people to show up. It should be fun.

I do have a request for those of you who read this blog. I’m having lots of trouble finding menswear that I like, and since I kind of have to wear clothes for Male Mondays on the Savoir Hair blog, it’s becoming sort of a problem. So, I’d love to get some recommendations for good guy shops. All styles… classic, neko, gothy, costumes… whatever.

Speaking of Savoir Hair, be sure to keep an eye out starting Saturday, because we’re going to be bringing you hair that you can only get at the Hair Fair! I’ve already got a ton of things to show, and I can’t wait to get started!

Ok. I swear, soon I’m going to be sleeping more than 4 hours a night!


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  1. bare rose is a first stop for some funky outfits, primitive designs, form, gearshift, renegade, dirty lynx, looker, the zoo, reaction, hit up insilico as a good place for cyberpunk gear (great mall), dutch touch, kari erm god so many more i could name but theres a few for ya =]

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