Think good thoughts for me, folks…

Man, what a day. I should probably give some background, up til today. I’ve been up to my ears in Second Life. I was lucky enough to be asked to help plan the third annual Second Life Hair Fair. This fair is the first event that Teagan and I went to, and it sort of prompted a whole world of fun for us. Now, 2 years later, we write Savoir Hair, a resource for the hair makers and lovers all over the world. Seriously, it’s a lot of fun. Does life get sweeter?

Not only was I helping plan the fair, I had a booth. We also launched the Savoir Hair website during this time, along with various RL things like school starting. I wound up sleeping around 4 hours a night for the last week before the fair launched, just from the stress of it all. I’d go to sleep and wake up 3-4 hours later, stressed and needing to get back to work.

That said, everything has gone off pretty much without problems. The fair so far has raised almost $6,000 US for Locks of Love. When I think about the fact that a group of people from around the world who have never met face to face were able to work together to raise this sort of money from a virtual world, I am stunned. I’m not just playing a game, guys… I’m a part of something much bigger than myself. It’s a humbling experience, and one I wouldn’t give up for the world.

I meant to write something entirely different, but… yea. Things happen.

Anyway, we’re prepping for the incoming hurricane. My dad summed it up nicely when he told a friend that if it continued on its path, it was headed somewhere between his kitchen and his living room. Think good thoughts for us, folks…



  1. Yikes, Laynie….. good luck, hope every will be allright (-ish)

  2. Me too, Grazia. It’s going to be ugly, but thankfully I’m far enough away from the gulf that the storm will be some dissipated before it hits us. Still, we were without power after Katrina for over a week, and this looks like it’ll be more direct. *sighs*

    Ahh well. We’ll make our preparations, and do what we can, right?

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