The plan…

Goodness, that’s an ominous title! Anyway, I’ve been reassuring enough people individually that I decided it’s time to tell everyone our plan for Hurricane Gustav.

Yea… looks like I might get to experience the eye of a hurricane, although it’ll be pretty broken up by then. For those of you who don’t know what you’re looking at, that’s the projected path of Hurricane Gustav, and it looks like it’s headed for my backyard. I’m not terribly thrilled about this.

We will not be staying in our home for this storm. We are packing up the important stuff (pictures, documents, the computers, meds, etc) and going to my father’s house. While he’s only 8 miles away, his home is relatively new (built within the last 15 years), and he spent a considerable amount of money while building it to be sure it was above code. It’s brick, and it’s SOLID.

He also has made it a sort of hurricane bunker- 2 generators, a window AC to cool the main room and run the refrigerator, lots of supplies. The house is on 20 acres of land, and while there are trees aplenty, there are none close enough to fall on the house. We’ll be pretty safe there.

So, that said, the plan is this. I’m planning to let Teagan know we’re ok as soon as I can, but there’s no telling when I’ll actually be able to do that. If this is as nasty as it looks like it’ll be, don’t worry if I haven’t posted by the weekend. It only means the phone lines are down.

I love you guys, and if I look like I’m forgetting something, feel free to poke me on this entry. I’ve got a good 12 hours before we go to Dad’s.



  1. please just stay safe hun – will be thinking of you and your family.Looks like you have everything in order and sorted.
    AlI can do is send hugs and prays for you all

  2. Stay Safe!!!! And make sure you have extra meds. Hugssssssss

  3. We’re out too. We’re in Cape Girardeau, Missouri at a Marriott. Will hole up here for the duration..then make a decision after its all over and done with as to whether I will go on to Kentucky or not. Doug works for the Corp of Engineers and will have to be back to work as soon as possible afterwards…if we have no power for a while…I’ll be going to my Mom’s in Ky. Gustav, go the fuck away:)

  4. During Katrina, the best way to get a message out was by text on your cell phone. I hope that works. Be safe!

  5. Oy! Be safe Laynie!


    ❤ Take care.

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