Dealing with the aftermath…

I’m exhausted. The stress level here is crazy. Regardless of what you may have read, Hurricane Gustav has devastated Louisiana. This is the worst storm in history- highest wind speeds, most storm damage. It’s devastated Louisiana.

I’m in Ascension Parish. 100% of Ascension Parish has no power. Over 400 homes have trees in them, not counting the homes damaged by wind or airborne debris.

Read about it.


  1. We’re still without power too. Freaking hurricanes.

  2. If you need to send along some cookies, i will. I make a MEAN choc. chip/oatmeal one.

    *HUGS from the Northeast*

  3. so wish i could help u folk – feel for u all
    just keep u and ur familes safe
    prayers are with u all

  4. thinking of you!

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