Pinchyface is back!!!

OMG, y’all, I am so excited! I was working on a glamour shot for a new product or two this morning and then…

I looked closely. She looked familiar. Could it be? I haven’t seen Pinchyface in so long, and I’ve really missed her! She left without a word, just disappearing in the night. I kept hoping I’d see her face again…

And now she’s back! Oh, Pinchy, you don’t have to explain. I’m just so happy you’ve come back! All I ask is that you not leave me again… I was lost without you!




  1. And here I was thinking I was imagining it when I saw pinchyfaced Sira greeting the other night x.x

  2. No, Sira… she’s a fickle one. She flirts around with everyone. But I hadn’t seen her in ages!

  3. Pinchyface is great and all, but, man, I really REALLY miss Posestand-Crosseyes. The cross-eyed bug was the best. bug. ever. I have so many fun snapshots of those days. *le sigh*

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