New Releases- Crys, Carolyn & Caroline

Wow, it has been entirely too long since we had a new release at ~Tea Lane~, so it’s a good thing i’ve got goodies for you all! It’s a small release, but a fun one!

We’ve got two new hair releases, both updos. Crys is a bit funky and fun, while Carolyn is an elegant style.

TLCrysAd TLCarolynAd

Carolyn is so elegant, in fact, that my friends all said, “You MUST put together a tiara for it!” Then, once the tiara was made, everyone said, “OMg, I LOVE THIS!!! Where is the necklace? What about earrings?”

Yea, you can imagine how that goes, I’m sure.

The result is the Carolina jewelry set. It comes in 7 rich metal tones and has multiple attachment points, so hopefully you can wear it with your other accessories (hello, lashes anyone?)


But what about the dollarbies? I know, I can’t do a release without doing a limited one for cheap. So, I made a cute cute pink set of Carolina with fewer attachment points. I get the feeling I may need to do a funky colors release, because I’m loving the pink too much.


Let us know in comments if you’d like to see more funky colors/patterns in Carolina. (Or just leave a comment in general, we love getting comments!)