Disagreements and theft.

This has been quite a week. I’ve been spending 8-10 hours a day working on a new release for the shop (trust me, it’s killer), and popping in to SL to test and handle customer service issues. While I was testing yesterday, I got a message from Teagan saying that someone was protesting at our shop. I tp’d over and got smacked by a barrage of sweeping generalizations.

What kind, you ask? The protest was over a kiosk for Autism Speaks. I was rapidly told that Autism Speaks is genocidal, they force women to have abortions, that they’re evil because they fund research. When I explained that research isn’t evil, I was told that yes it was, because the Nazis did research, so “don’t tell me it’s not evil.” I asked for some sort of evidence, and was referred to Wikipedia. When I asked again, I was told to look it up myself.

I’m sorry, but when someone comes to me making outlandish claims, they need to be able to back them up. I’m not unreasonable. I like to think I’m a kind, generous person. But when this person threatened to rip mine and Teagan’s items and offer them for free, I was absolutely livid. It took hours for me to calm down.

Tonight I logged on to a message that some of my items were being passed around full perms, along with a note saying not to support Autism Speaks. I’m hurt, I’m angry. Most of all, I’m frustrated, because it looks as if I’m supporting this protest.

I am not.

So, I’ve taken the black Vanesssa dress (the one ripped and passed around) and put it out for free at my main location (#1 in my picks).

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