Accusations of content theft…

Yesterday, some of you may be aware that I was accused of content theft. My accuser went on and on, mostly in caps, about how it’s absolutely impossible that I could have come upon my design without seeing his work. (Amusing, since I still have no idea who he is. His ego is a bit overinflated, if you ask me.)

In response, I went to the living light store (no lm, he gets no direct traffic from me, thanks!) and inspected the various bits for sale. They’re gorgeous, by the way, and look absolutely nothing like my work. I have to assume he saw my work highlighted at the SLX page and had a bit of a hissy without actually seeing that mine is very different.

I include pictures here of the various objects in the shop. Notice that none of the dates go back past May 10. That’s an important bit.

Basically, if you click these, you can see the circled dates, none of which predate March 10. This is important, because I’m going to show you the scary work-in-progress pics I always take. Watch the dates now…

That last image, for me, is the kicker. I took that picture of Teagan on May 7, and it’s what triggered the whole process for me. I ended up lying in bed, kicking things around in my mind about how to get the look the character had in a book I read years ago.

Now, to address the idea that no one would be able to come up with “a dress made from light” without seeing his creation, I’ll let these images speak for themselves.

Yes, a couple of those link to articles. These dresses go back to 2006. As they say, there are no new ideas in fashion.


Skin Designers- work with me?

I have an idea. I’d like to put together a blog with examples of skin designers’ skins, so people have a consolidated place to check out and see if skins are legit. I’d love to get review copies (make them transfer, I can give them back after I photo them) to photograph. It won’t fix things, but we can put this together along with a list of ways to check if skin shops are legit (and ways that DON’T work). It’s one more way to fight back.

Are you with me? 😀