~Tea Lane~ Releases for October 6

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Hi y’all!

Wow, I know, we’ve been total slackers lately. What can I say, the RL thing is absolutely eating our time. But I think we’ve made up for it with this release. It’s so much fun, it’s… ahh, to heck with it, let me just show you!

First off, we have made hair like crazy! I don’t know how we both ended up working on hair, but we did, and we have some really fun things to show for it! First off, Teagan has created a totally kick ass male style with her UniHawk. This ‘hawk has short little horns made from hair paired with a messy fringe. This is a sexy style that would work for you girls, as well.

Then she’s brought us Kina, a pretty, girlie updo with soft fringe framing the eyes. The back is a simple bun surrounded by twisted hair and accented with a color-changing gem, giving a traditional style an updated kick. This style would work for anything from formals to jeans and a sweater while you’re enjoying the fall leaves with your sweetie. Be sure to throw on a scarf to keep your neck warm!
Since Teagan is the creative one of our duo, she looked at Kina and thought, “Hey! If I swap out the gem for a stem…” Sure enough, she turned that cute little bun into a pumpkin crafted of hair! Since it’s that time of year, she’s put together 8 special colors of Pumpkina and put them out at the shop for $2L. It’s still a sweet style for anything you want to do!

And then we get to Laynie’s contributions. Maybe I should begin by saying that I’m taking some new medications, and I’m adjusting to them. That might give you some insight on my new stuff… First came the hair. I started thinking to myself… “What if… a beauty pageant bouffant hairstyle fell in love with an ornately-decorated wedding cake? Ooh, and then, what if they had a torrid, steamy love affair with the Goodyear Blimp?”

Ok, I admit, that didn’t occur to me until after I’d finished it. But it definitely applies! Pageant of the Damned is the biggest hair I’ve made to date. This style is a lavish three-layer updo, spilling over with curls and decorated with swags and bows constructed of hair. It is reminiscent of the elaborate hairstyles of Marie Antoinette, if she’d had more of a sense of humor. It is hair that demands attention- are you brave enough to try it?
And finally, Caged. While digging around at Instructables.com, I found a fascinating dress. Someone had decided to make a couture gown with a birdcage skirt made from brass. The instructable walked you through the entire process of sketching the gown, purchasing the brass, bending the various bits and welding them together. It was fascinating, and most of all, it set my mind to rolling.

Caged is the result. I doesn’t really resemble the original inspiration very much, IMHO. I think it’s moved on to become its own creation, a melding of line and curve, harsh hard forms creating gentle waves and soft curves. I’ve been told by a few people that it’s got a real Tim Burton feel to it. I could only hope… 😀
Remember, these and more will be available on the back wall of Tea Lane. We’ve got lots of goodies at the shop- hair, skins, clothing, shoes, accessories, all made by Teagan Blackthorne and Laynie Link. Stop by today and see what grabs your interest!

Until next time,
❤ Laynie & Teagan
~Tea Lane~ Main Shop


New Releases at ~Tea Lane~

Hi hi, everyone!

This is a very small update to let you know what’s going on at ~Tea Lane~ because we’ve been busy behind the scenes, working on some bigger stuff. But to tide you over, we’ve got some fun fun accessories for you.

First off, Teagan has put out an absolutely adorable necklace. This choker is perfect to pair with jeans and a tee, or your favorite casual outfit. The color-change script lets you match it to anything you own! For $2L you can’t go wrong!

Next up, I’ve released a cutepie pair of nerd glasses, complete with giant round frames and tiny little heart detailing on the sides. The glasses are so strong that they’re too thick for the frames, and the edges are greenish just like coke bottles! They’re too much fun, and only $20 lindens.

Finally, we come to my favorite part of this release. I’ve been around the talking pregnancy bellies entirely too much lately, and i was joking with Teagan that I should make a talking tampon to tell the world just how thrilled I am to not be pregnant.

Well, much giggling and experimentation later, I am proud to present the ~Tea Lane~ Talking Tampon, perfect for all your needs. Just wear it and it begins to tell the world all about your time of the month. It’s even modifiable, so if you want to add in your own phrases, you can! For only $10L you too can go horseback riding, swimming, and mountain climbing while wearing your Talking Tampon!

Remember, ~Tea Lane~ has things for many tastes and every budget. We’ve also got gift cards that make the perfect gift for those you love!

Also, check out Laynie’s artfire page for her RL wire wrapped jewelry!

Until next time,

Laynie & Teagan
Granymyr (245, 189, 41)

New Releases- Crys, Carolyn & Caroline

Wow, it has been entirely too long since we had a new release at ~Tea Lane~, so it’s a good thing i’ve got goodies for you all! It’s a small release, but a fun one!

We’ve got two new hair releases, both updos. Crys is a bit funky and fun, while Carolyn is an elegant style.

TLCrysAd TLCarolynAd

Carolyn is so elegant, in fact, that my friends all said, “You MUST put together a tiara for it!” Then, once the tiara was made, everyone said, “OMg, I LOVE THIS!!! Where is the necklace? What about earrings?”

Yea, you can imagine how that goes, I’m sure.

The result is the Carolina jewelry set. It comes in 7 rich metal tones and has multiple attachment points, so hopefully you can wear it with your other accessories (hello, lashes anyone?)


But what about the dollarbies? I know, I can’t do a release without doing a limited one for cheap. So, I made a cute cute pink set of Carolina with fewer attachment points. I get the feeling I may need to do a funky colors release, because I’m loving the pink too much.


Let us know in comments if you’d like to see more funky colors/patterns in Carolina. (Or just leave a comment in general, we love getting comments!)

~Tea Lane~ at the RFL Clothing Fair!


Holy wow, but I didn’t think we were going to make it on time for this one. Teagan and I are lucky enough to be participating in the RFL Clothing Fair! (You can find our shop on Sim 2.) We’ve got a bunch of brand new items iyou can only find there. Teagan’s listed hers, and now I have to share mine…

charisFirst off is Charis. I love this. I’ve been working on this one for 4 months, off and on. I know, I suck, I should have finished it months ago, but it’s done now! And it’s WONDERFUL, even if I do say so myself! It comes in two versions (for one price), the modest version and the more daring version with one breast exposed! Take your pick between 16 colors, and match it up with the tutu I’ve put out with it! I sort of lost my mind with this one, so there are 8 dark jewelly tones and 8 bright sherbetty tones. That’s why I made a black tutu and a white tutu… so <strike>I</strike> you could coordinate, of course! It’s all for you!

chariscolorsThen there’s Gertie. See, the theme for the clothing fair is pirates, and I can’t even begin to tell you guys how much I love pirate wear. This started out with a sketch, and turned into something that I am absolutely in love with.

gertieadGunpowder Gertie was known as the Pirate Queen of the Kootenays. After reading <a href=”http://www.canadiancountrywoman.com/travel/gunpowder-gertie.php”>her story</a>, is there any surprise I wanted to make this gorgeous outfit for her?

Ok, maybe she wore pants. Probably, actually. But this is SL, and in SL, she’d have been a glamorous pirate! She’d have commanded her vessel in the finest of clothing… and maybe in her off time, she’d have worn this! 😉

We’ve also got the usual assortment of dollarbies hanging around, so please stop by, pick up some cute stuff, and do some shopping to help someone else. It’s one of the best things you can do with your Second Life!

A sort-of new release at ~Tea Lane~

A sort-of new release at ~Tea Lane~

After many requests to please, please, pretty please put the casual basics back up, they’re finally available in-world again. Now you can grab the buttondown shirt, jeans, and capris if you’d missed them the first time around. I have to say, I think this display is cuter than last time, too!


Keep an eye out, I’m halfway planning a post explaining the ways to wear it. It’s a versatile set that can be tucked in, untucked, or worn under (or over) lots of other things. Right now, I’m having fun wearing it under Mina.


New Releases at Tea Lane!

Wow, it’s been a busy week! First off, we’re still participating in the grid wide ghost hunt, so be sure to stop by and see if you can find our ghost. I hear he’s carrying quite a bit of loot! 😉

Next up, we’re participating in the pumpkin hunt at House of Heart’s Lemon Island. Lots of designers there have put out pumpkins, and so have we!

As if that’s not enough, we’ve got some delicious releases this week. I tried my hand at jewelry, thanks to a 3am inspiration. I’m sure you can imagine how thrilled my husband was as I scooted out of bed to go work on pendants.

We’ve also got some funky hats up for sale. The kitty hat is all Teagan’s fault, she suggested I should do a halloween version, and this is what you get- a single hat with 5 color options (the ears change colors!) and 3 texture change buttons. I’m partial to the eyeballs, but that’s because I’m strange.

And the top hat? I’m not sure what prompted that one, other than hey… it’s bones! I like bones! It makes me think of voodoo, and crazy halloween nights spent in the French Quarter. Man, I miss New Orleans!

But that’s a totally different story, one I’ll save for another time. Come on by the shop, and see what grabs ya.

New Release!

AAAAAH *runs around in circles* Hair fair! AAAA!!! New releases!! AAAAAAARGH!!!

New releases! 7 bright new colors of the basic jeans, basic capris, and button down shirts! The pants have a cute floral design!

Please, go buy! I need coffee to finish this AWESOME HAIR for hair fair! I can sleep next week, right? BUY! COFFEE! MONKEYS!

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