My day …

How did my day go today? I think this snapshot at EarthStones says it all…


I have to say though, for all of you who came out to the shop for the gift card giveaway, THANK YOU! You guys made my day so much brighter!  I haven’t mentioned it before now, but I may as well. I’m a grown woman, a wife, a mother… and I have mono. Also known as the kissing disease or glandular fever, this stuff should be known as “oh my God, I’m going to die.”

I’m so darn exhausted I could sleep all day and then sleep some more.  And today, I decided to heck with it, I was getting OUT! I was going to go to the BOOKSTORE and enjoy being out. It didn’t last long, and I actually fell asleep in the car almost as soon as I got there. This stuff saps all your energy!

So when everyone who came by was so friendly, and so supportive, it really made a difficult day brighter. I can’t thank you enough. ❤


Mrs. Obama, why is your bottom dancing?

I was nPhotobucketoodling around with my friend Din, and we were trying to figure out what was going on with Michelle Obama’s outfit. Neither of us liked what was going on- she blamed the belt, I blamed photoshop. We started talking… “What if I removed the belt?” “Could you make the sweater higher?” Since I always save copies of my work, I ended up with several layers. I kept flipping back and forth between them, absolutely transfixed…

You can click this for a bigger image. I’m telling you guys, we laughed hard about that, including roleplaying dialogue between Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey. Some days I think we have way too much time on our hands. You guys should go look at the shopping pron post that triggered all this hilarity. It’s interesting!

Happy Valentine’s Day, Teagan…


New things coming soon, and a new non-sl fashion blog I love!

Ok, I know I’ve been gone for what seems like ages. I’ve been swamped in that 1st life game. I’m not enjoying it, I seem to have lost the logout function, and MAN, it’s tedious! But I’m starting to find time to get back into SL, and I’ve got big plans…

Look for my casuals sets to be coming back, perhaps even with new colors/prints. I love the button-down shirts… they’re too much fun! Plus, with valentine’s day coming up, I’ve got some fun things planned. Tea Lane will be bursting with new goodies soon!

shelbycollectionadSpeaking of new goodies, Teagan has released several new items at the main Tea Lane shop (our semi-new brand that we’re working on together).  There’s new versions of Shelby, my first venture into steampunk (yes, there will be more!), with more options than I can even blog.The best part is that not only did she do more colors, she set them up so the pieces are for sale individually, mix and match.

I was flabbergasted when I saw this. This means that if you’re like us, you can pick your favorite bits to mash up with other wardrobe faves. Seriously, y’all,  Teagan outdid herself. You should hop on over and see the shop if only because of this release!

chianaskinsad2claudiaagavead1Not only that, but she’s got a ton of new skins out- 13 makeups in all our skin tones, as well as 12 novelty/specialty skins that are completely droolworthy. Oh, did I mention the Chiana skin as well? That makes #13, and that one is sweet as hell if I do say so myself! The specialty skins are an absolute steal at $50 lindens, so you can pick up a fun otherworldly look without breaking the bank.

And finally… I have found a blog that makes my fashion-obsessed heart leap with joy. No, it’s not an SL blog, but it IS a fashion blog.  Friends, I direct you to Shopping Pr0n, “for when shopping is more than just a hobby.” It’s a brand new blog, and while I don’t write for it, I sort of wish I did! Believe me, this blog looks at the most droolworthy fashion and brings it to you. Check it out, and if you see something you like, drop a note to the blogger. She’s sweet, and doesn’t bite.

Well, unless you fight her for the last 70% off Prada bag. She might even cut you then!

Hairspray 2 Grand Opening!

Wow, this is so exciting! I know it hasn’t had a lot of press, but there’s an awesome thing going tonight- Hairspray 2 is opening the sim with a fantastic party and hunt! Join us for a party from 6-8pm SLT, with music by DJ Kennef Riggles and a fabulous gift table. Or perhaps you’d be more interested in the “Stars of Hairspray” hunt, showcasing items from our fabulous designers? Whatever you do, it’ll be a great time on Hairspray 2!

Wonderful coincidences…

Sometimes, life beats you up to the point that you’re ready to just throw your hands in the air and say to heck with it. Then, through a total coincidence, something happens and you realize it’s not so bad after all!

No, the details aren’t important. Let’s just say I have great friends, and I am very, very thankful for them. I bet you’ve got someone on your friends list (or in your RL) who does the same for you. Tell them… you might just be that out-of-the-blue something that makes their day better.

And since a picture is worth a thousand words, here’s a good one. I popped in world tonight to find Teagan plopped on our carpet with amazing hair. What else could I do put take a picture? So Teagan? Thanks for being that person to cheer me up on so many icky days.

Hair Fair… it’s almost here…

Man, what a rush. My booth for hair fair is finished. Gwen Carrilion of Elements in Design was kind enough to design my booth for me, and I can not thank her enough. It’s absolutely lovely, and I couldn’t resist snapping a picture after finally plopping myself down to rest. The vendors are packed, the freebies are out, and now we simply wait for all the people to show up. It should be fun.

I do have a request for those of you who read this blog. I’m having lots of trouble finding menswear that I like, and since I kind of have to wear clothes for Male Mondays on the Savoir Hair blog, it’s becoming sort of a problem. So, I’d love to get some recommendations for good guy shops. All styles… classic, neko, gothy, costumes… whatever.

Speaking of Savoir Hair, be sure to keep an eye out starting Saturday, because we’re going to be bringing you hair that you can only get at the Hair Fair! I’ve already got a ton of things to show, and I can’t wait to get started!

Ok. I swear, soon I’m going to be sleeping more than 4 hours a night!