Accusations of content theft…

Yesterday, some of you may be aware that I was accused of content theft. My accuser went on and on, mostly in caps, about how it’s absolutely impossible that I could have come upon my design without seeing his work. (Amusing, since I still have no idea who he is. His ego is a bit overinflated, if you ask me.)

In response, I went to the living light store (no lm, he gets no direct traffic from me, thanks!) and inspected the various bits for sale. They’re gorgeous, by the way, and look absolutely nothing like my work. I have to assume he saw my work highlighted at the SLX page and had a bit of a hissy without actually seeing that mine is very different.

I include pictures here of the various objects in the shop. Notice that none of the dates go back past May 10. That’s an important bit.

Basically, if you click these, you can see the circled dates, none of which predate March 10. This is important, because I’m going to show you the scary work-in-progress pics I always take. Watch the dates now…

That last image, for me, is the kicker. I took that picture of Teagan on May 7, and it’s what triggered the whole process for me. I ended up lying in bed, kicking things around in my mind about how to get the look the character had in a book I read years ago.

Now, to address the idea that no one would be able to come up with “a dress made from light” without seeing his creation, I’ll let these images speak for themselves.

Yes, a couple of those link to articles. These dresses go back to 2006. As they say, there are no new ideas in fashion.


Regarding Rustica, once again.

NOTE: Posting this log has NOT been a violation of the SL TOS. Let me cut and paste:

4. Disclosure: Residents are entitled to a reasonable level of privacy with regard to their Second Lives. Sharing personal information about a fellow Resident –including gender, religion, age, marital status, race, sexual preference, and real-world location beyond what is provided by the Resident in the First Life page of their Resident profile is a violation of that Resident’s privacy. Remotely monitoring conversations, posting conversation logs, or sharing conversation logs without consent are all prohibited in Second Life and on the Second Life Forums.

That bold bit? Important. This is not a Second Life forum, this is my private blog. There’s a difference.


I hate doing this. Unfortunately, the recent glowing response to Rustica’s customer service needs an update.

See, I’d created an absolutely gorgeous sitting area with items from Rustica. LOVED them. However, I got a frantic IM this morning that all scripted items needed to go from the Fashion Expo build. I hopped online, and we scanned the area, and all my rustica furniture was big on lag, due to the color change scripts and all, apparently. Hoping against hope, I sent a quick message to both Lyyric and Maxwell, hoping they could work with me and give me a quick scrubbed set with no scripts. Logical? Perhaps.

Lyyric politely said no. No problem, end of story… I pulled the furniture and put something else out.

Maxwell then replied to me. I’m sharing the conversation so you can see what transpired. Somehow, he’s not the kind helpful person I thought he was.

[7:07] Laynie Link: HELP! I’m not allowed scripted objects on the fashion expo build! All the rustica stuff has scripts… can you please help ASAP???
[7:07] Second Life: User not online – message will be stored and delivered later.
[8:46] Maxwell Graf: not sure exactly what you want me to do. They need to allow scripts.
[8:46] Maxwell Graf: all they have to do is turn on allow scripts.
[8:46] Laynie Link: no, they’re not allowing scripts because of lag purposes. i was hoping to be able to get script-free furniture, but I’ve pulled them for the meantime
[8:48] Maxwell Graf: Laynie, script free furniture is about as usefull as tits on a bull, hon. I don’t think they are going to get a lot of traffic with no scripts. Besides, the jewelry causes just as much lag as the scripts do, more actually
[8:49] Laynie Link: they’re going to get plenty of traffic
[8:49] Laynie Link: that’s why they’re wanting to cut down scripted items by the participants- to help as much with lag as we can
[8:49] Laynie Link: no offense, but you’re being sort of rude about this
[8:54] Laynie Link: don’t worry. in the future, I’m sure I’ll be able to find a furniture designer who’ll work with me.
[8:55] Maxwell Graf: actually, I was trying to respond politely about this, since you didnt read my profile apparently, which is ok, but states my position on this. In fact, i think youve been pretty rude, asking me to modify my items and destroy them by taking out the scripts, making them essentially useless. I havent been rude yet, but I can if you would like me to be. I responded, against my policy, to HELP YOU IF I COULD. Now, all that being said, have a great show. Do’nt IM me anymore about furniture because your show sponsors havent got it figured out that you should police the event, not shut everything off. What exactly were you expecting me to do, Laynie? RUn over and build you a custom set of furniture? Yeah, please do go elsewhere. I prefer not to deal with people like you. THank you.
[8:56] Maxwell Graf: i cant believe you. my Word.
[8:56] Maxwell Graf: thats so mean.
[8:56] Laynie Link: Customers who expect, if not respect, then perhaps politeness? Mean?
[8:57] Laynie Link: Take a look in the mirror before you call someone mean.
[8:57] Maxwell Graf: buh bye.
[8:57] Maxwell Graf: have a good show
[8:58] Laynie Link: and enjoy they money i’ve spent, because there won’t be another penny… and I WILL tell my friends.
[8:59] Maxwell Graf: If I give you a refund, will you stop IMing me? Lets start there.
[8:59] Laynie Link: i don’t want a refund. i wanted respect. you seem to not understand how that’s done.
[9:04] Maxwell Graf: So, responding to you agaisnt my policy of not responding to IMs about making changes to my products….DESPITE going agaisnt that policy and personally contacting you to see of there was something I could do to help. How is that wrong? rude? Look, lady….just because you are having a hard time and your stressed out, dont be a wacko, ok? I went out of my way to try to help you, and if you are too stupid to figure that out, go have your temper tantrum somewhere else. Try pulling this crap on anyone and you will get the same treatment. I built my reputation and my business on respecting customers, but if you want to cross the line and start insulting me directly because your panties are in a wad, then go somewhere else, because that isnt going to work here. I dont respond to temper tantrums. YOu want to talk to me with some respect and deal with me directly, I’ll be happy to help. IM later when your adrenaline levels are back to normal and Ill be happy to refund your money.
[9:05] Laynie Link: Your partner offered me a refund, and I was polite to her as well. I don’t WANT a refund. You could, however, have responded politely, instead of being an ass. It’s ok. I’ll be the kind of customer you don’t like- the one who shows your REAL side to the world, rather than sucking it up and moving on.
[9:06] Maxwell Graf: I did respond politely, until you started to freak out.
[9:06] Laynie Link: i haven’t freaked out. and you were rude. i suggest you reread your log.
[9:06] Laynie Link: by the time you messaged me, I’d pulled the furniture and resolved things nicely with your partner. shame you managed to undo that.
[9:07] Maxwell Graf: ok, how bout go have your fashion show. Youve ruined my morning already. PLEASE Dont shop here anymore. Im begging you.
[9:08] Laynie Link: ohhh, trust me, i won’t be.
[9:08] Maxwell Graf: thanks for being a patient and understanding customer. Yay
[9:08] Laynie Link: and thank you for being such a caring and concerned vendor.

Now, just so you know? It had been resolved with Lyyric. I understand that someone might not want to change their items. But I feel the attitude I received was VERY out of line. It’s soured me to the point that I won’t be doing business there anymore.

A simple, “I’m sorry, but I can’t do that” still works, people. Some of us are fine with that.