I, uh… yea.

I’m sorry about that that last post… I… I’m not sure what came over me. I’m going to assume it was the lack of sleep.

I apparently collapsed into sleep not long after posting it. I woke up with the laptop on the bed, my glasses askew, muttering something about monkeys.  It wasn’t pretty… I  worked a bit more on hair fair stuffs, and then hopped over to the main store to set everything on the third floor on sale for cheap.

See, I’m having issues here. My skills are improving, and quite frankly, I’m running out of room! So… All the stuff on the third floor is going away. As a result, it’s all marked less than $50 lindens… crazy idea, yes? Things range from 5-45 lindens, and there’s some stuff I love there. But it’s time to move on, to grow…

So now, I kick back in the comfy chair and look at the hair fair freebie hair I made… and wonder if I want to give more. *grin* I have an urge to make some poses…


Teagan and I at the RFL Clothing Fair, and a new release!

Teagan and I go to the RFL Clothing Fair, and a new release!

In case you’re wondering if I practice what I preach, I couldn’t resist snapping a few shots of Teagan and myself goofing off at the clothing fair. This one is my favorite…


Yea, we’re not goobers or anything!

Oh, and there’s a new release up in granymyr, with a limited number of items at 50% off… that’s right, HALF OFF! Stop by and grab one while they last!


Help help! :D




Hi again. It’s official, the laptop went kerploof. I’ve got the whole granymyr shop set to half off (or more!), and I’ve set up tip jars (ok, tip laptops… i’m cheesy!). If you feel like it, stop by, pick up some stuff, throw a couple of linden in the laptop fund. My sanity will thank you.

LaynieWear/SYD CYA Sale

Happy Wednesday! Not only have I posted up the rufflebuttz, I’ve also marked down select items in the shop to 50% off! Stop by, browse a bit, check out the fairy glen behind the shop… or just hang out and chat! Do add a photo to the corkboard, too… I love finding new ones!

New Releases, and a SALE!


Finally, a new release! I’ve had this one sitting on my hard drive for 2 weeks, and have just now been able to get it posted. This shrug has clean lines that are reminiscent of the 1940s, and includes 6 buttons and a cute bow to accessorise with.

Also, I’ve marked down everything at my Lemon Island location at least 50% (and some things much more than that!) so if you like LaynieWear, this is the perfect time to shop!

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