I’m so pretty!!

Have you ever offered to help someone out with something you’re pretty decent at, only to have them sort of hem and haw and just skip right over the fact that you offered help? It can be an awkward moment. You wonder if you offended them, if you should have just kept your mouth shut. Maybe they didn’t realize you were offering to help them… Maybe they’re just snotty and you didn’t realize it…

There are so many possibilities in a situation like this. I love finding out that the reality is that I’m just a total goofball. It takes all the blame and drops it into my lap, leaving the person I was confused about looking graceful and kind.

lashesfarI know, you’re wondering what I’m babbling about this time. fine, I have pictures! Last night, I got an IM from Renee Lowenhart telling me about an L lucky chair at Zero Style. The problem is that I was mostly naked, sorting inventory. So I grabbed a clothing folder, dropped it onto myself, and TP’d happily away to grab my hair.

While everything was rezzing, we got to talking. Her friend Hawks (whose last name escapes me at the moment *blush*) commented on my interesting eyelashes. I did a quick look at them, and realized they were some lashes I’d gotten as a gift over Christmas. Gorgeous lashes, from the Stringer Mausoleum. So, I tell them that I’d been sorting inventory and hadn’t taken them off yet.

Renee tells me that she’s never been able to fit lashes, so of course I offered to help her. She sort of ignored the offer, and I was left wondering why, but whatever. It could be she just doesn’t like lashes, and that’s her excuse. Not a big deal, right?

Fast forward to 20 minutes later, when I’m back on my pose stand, sorting inventory. I zoom into my face, and see… this.


Do I even have to explain how hard I laughed? Yes, those are my lashes sticking out of my eyeballs. I IM’d Renee laughing, saying no wonder she didn’t want my help! She was so relieved. She said she didn’t know what to say, because I make such tiny little earrings, but I thought my lashes looked good like this!

I’m telling you, people. Sometimes I shouldn’t be let out of my workshop!


Wonderful coincidences…

Sometimes, life beats you up to the point that you’re ready to just throw your hands in the air and say to heck with it. Then, through a total coincidence, something happens and you realize it’s not so bad after all!

No, the details aren’t important. Let’s just say I have great friends, and I am very, very thankful for them. I bet you’ve got someone on your friends list (or in your RL) who does the same for you. Tell them… you might just be that out-of-the-blue something that makes their day better.

And since a picture is worth a thousand words, here’s a good one. I popped in world tonight to find Teagan plopped on our carpet with amazing hair. What else could I do put take a picture? So Teagan? Thanks for being that person to cheer me up on so many icky days.

The Creative Process, or why I’m not happy if I’m not grumbling.

My husband has grown used to be grumbling while I’m designing. He hears me complaining, cursing, even yelling incoherently at my computer. The thing is, I’ve decided that if you’re not grumbling, then you aren’t learning.

The amusing point to this, and the reason I’m posting this right now, is that I’m sure you guys have figured out that Teagan and I are rebranding. Seriously guys, this new stuff is HOT. But I can’t even begin to tell you the amount of grumbling I’m doing! My family is laughing at me, but I’m enjoying this a lot. My brain is being stretched in ways it’s never gone before, and while it grumbles, it does it. It feels GOOD.

So my requestion to everyone who reads this is to do something to make your brain grumble. Step outside of your comfort zone and do something different, even if it’s just a one-time thing. You may be surprised at how much it refreshes you!

Secrets are fun…

*hums to herself*

I’ve got a secret, I’ve got a secret…

I know, bad Laynie. But I can’t help it… it’s a fun one! It might include a sale, or perhaps a new name, or even a whole new business! Who knows, these days. I did get hit in the head recently!

So come on by, wander around the shop. You might notice something new soon. In the meantime, I’ll leave you with a shot of my newly-decorated (or rather, newly-in-the-process-of-decorating) skybox!

Dealing with the aftermath…

I’m exhausted. The stress level here is crazy. Regardless of what you may have read, Hurricane Gustav has devastated Louisiana. This is the worst storm in history- highest wind speeds, most storm damage. It’s devastated Louisiana.

I’m in Ascension Parish. 100% of Ascension Parish has no power. Over 400 homes have trees in them, not counting the homes damaged by wind or airborne debris.

Read about it.

Survived the storm…

Wow. That was quite an experience. Gustav rolled through stronger than any other storm that’s hit Louisiana. Serious- 110-120 mph gusts where I am. But we made it through. This area will be without power for at least a week, probably 2 or more. Don’t expect much from me anytime soon, I’m only able to post this because we hooked the router up to the generator.

Tired. So tired.

The plan…

Goodness, that’s an ominous title! Anyway, I’ve been reassuring enough people individually that I decided it’s time to tell everyone our plan for Hurricane Gustav.

Yea… looks like I might get to experience the eye of a hurricane, although it’ll be pretty broken up by then. For those of you who don’t know what you’re looking at, that’s the projected path of Hurricane Gustav, and it looks like it’s headed for my backyard. I’m not terribly thrilled about this.

We will not be staying in our home for this storm. We are packing up the important stuff (pictures, documents, the computers, meds, etc) and going to my father’s house. While he’s only 8 miles away, his home is relatively new (built within the last 15 years), and he spent a considerable amount of money while building it to be sure it was above code. It’s brick, and it’s SOLID.

He also has made it a sort of hurricane bunker- 2 generators, a window AC to cool the main room and run the refrigerator, lots of supplies. The house is on 20 acres of land, and while there are trees aplenty, there are none close enough to fall on the house. We’ll be pretty safe there.

So, that said, the plan is this. I’m planning to let Teagan know we’re ok as soon as I can, but there’s no telling when I’ll actually be able to do that. If this is as nasty as it looks like it’ll be, don’t worry if I haven’t posted by the weekend. It only means the phone lines are down.

I love you guys, and if I look like I’m forgetting something, feel free to poke me on this entry. I’ve got a good 12 hours before we go to Dad’s.

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